10 Best JDM Cars in Forza Horizon 5

JDMs Are Where It's At.

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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Forza Horizon 5 has the most extensive variety of cars compared to any racing game out there. In the same game, you’ll drive the most mundane daily drivers and the exotic supercars. The game features many all-time classic JDM cars as well. So we decided to make things easy for you by finding the best JDM cars in Forza Horizon 5.

We’ll list 10 of the best JDM Cars in FH5 based on how much they cost, how they perform, their tuning setups, and which racing category they are best for. This guide will allow you to decide which car you should buy based on your racing tastes.

Let’s start digging into the list we’ve put together!


Nissan Pulsar GTi-R

Nissan Pulsar GTIR - Forza Horizon 5 Best JDM Cars

Price: 20,000CR
Class: C
Tune Code: 182 428 587 (All-Rounder Tune)

The Pulsar GTi-R is a high-performance hatchback designed by Nisan to compete in the A-Class Rallies. It features a 2.0L Turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that can output up to 227 brake horsepower.

The provided tune turns this JDM car into an all-rounder vehicle that can handle circuits, sprints, and even cross-country racing. People used to call it the Sunny GTi-R. It’s a cool car through and through.


Nissan R390 GT1

Nissan R390 GT1

Price: 1,250,000CR
Class: S1
Tune Code: 145 729 829 (Drift Tune)

Another Nissan offering, only this time, you can take it out for drift events. The 1998 Nissan R390 GT1 hahas a 3.5L Twin-Turbo V8 engine that can spew out 550 brake horsepower.

We’ve brought this car with a S2-Class drift tune. You’ll be gliding through corners thanks to the car’s lightweight chassis and improved weight distribution for drifting purposes. An iconic JDM that deserves to be added to your car collection.


Honda S2000 CR

Honda S2000 CR - Forza Horizon 5 Best JDM Cars

Price: 25,000CR
Class: B
Tune Code: 143 510 413 (Top Speed Tune)

The Honda S2000 CR is the big brother of the normal S2000 as it borrows every positive from that car and adds onto it. You are looking at a lighter, faster, and more agile car that lets its driver feel a lot of confidence around corners and hairpins.

This 6-speed RWD car became widely popular when it was released in Japan back in 2009 and started getting recognition worldwide. FH5 lets you hop onto the hype train by purchasing this JDM car through the showroom for 25,000CR.

Buy it and apply our Top Speed tune to test the car around circuits, road racing events, and even custom drift maps.


Subaru Impreza 22B

Subaru Impreza 22B

Price: 1,700,000 ~ (Auction Price)
Class: B
Tune Code:174 119 795 (Anti-Lag Rally Tune)

You can’t avoid talking about Subaru in a ranked list of the best JDM Cars in FH5. The Subaru Impreza 22B is the first entry from Subaru on this list and is an exceptionally capable and popular car that came out in ’98.

We’ve turned the Impreza 22B into a Rally car that can be sent into straights and floored through dirty corners as well, thanks to the anti-lag we’ve installed that maintains power delivery. You’ll maintain the lead in stretches and even cut tight corners.

There is no defeating a well-tuned Impreza in Rallies, and that’s why we think this is one of the best JDM cars in FH5 for Rally racing.


Toyota Celica ST205

Toyota Celica ST205

Price: 20,000CR ~ (Auction House)
Class: C
Tune Code: 196 154 197 (Rally Tune)

While not as good as the Impreza 22B, the Celica ST205 is another solid JDM Rally car that has been making rounds in the FH5 community.

You can take the Celica out for C-Class Rally racing and see some great results. It doesn’t shift fast and handles quite well, which makes it a beginner-friendly Rally machine.


Honda Civic RS

Honda Civic RS - Forza Horizon 5 Best JDM Cars

Price: 25,000CR
Class: D
Tune Code: 947 246 287 (Anti-Lag Drag Tune)

Let us show you one of the most fun drag racing cars you can build in Forza Horizon 5; the Honda Civic RS ’74. The Japanese market was blessed with one of the rarest Civic variants as Honda only produced around 4,000 of these bad bois in 1974.

You can put in more than 1000 brake horsepower in the Civic RS while still managing to take it off the starting line in a snap.

We’ve added an Anti-lag turbo module, grippy tires, and a lot of weight-balancing changes to make this a cost-effective drag-racing beast.


Subaru STI S209

Subaru STI S209

Price: 70,000CR
Class: B
Tune Code: 500 354 459 (Wide Body Grip Tune)

The Subaru STI S209 came out in 2019 with major upgrades to its suspension, chassis, handling, and wider body kit. Its 21.5L Turbocharged F4 engine produced 341 brake horsepower.

You can use this vehicle for Goliath events, circuits, sprints, and free-roaming as you search for fast travel boards. This Subaru is kind of an essential car for any car enthusiast out there.

The wide body kit we’ve installed on it also helps with road presence. We’ve also adjusted the gear shifts to make the early shifts a lot shorter and the upper gears longer.


Supra RZ

Supra RZ

Price: 38,000CR
Class: B
Tune Code: 677 206 139 (Wide Body Racing Build)

You might have seen The Supra RZ in the Fast and Furious movies. It is one of my all-time favorite JDM offerings both in terms of looks and performance. Using our Racing build, you’ll be going freakishly fast in the Supra RZ.

The big spoiler and grippy tires will help with weight distribution and give you the confidence needed to floor this wide beast into corners.


Honda NSX-R

Honda NSX '05 - Forza Horizon 5 Best JDM Cars

Price: 150,000CR
Class: A
Tune Code: 112 574 163 (Rocket Bunny Wide Body Race Tune)

The Honda NSX-R was only sold in the Japanese market and was one of the most respected sports cars of its time. But then it got the traditional Japanese street racing treatment.

Wide Body Kits and stanced cars are a trend with most JDMs. And so, people came up with wide-body kits from brands like Rocket Bunny to enhance the look and feel of the NSX. We’ve used a similar wide-body kit from Rocket Bunny in our racing-focused tune.

The breaking and cornering capabilities of the Honda NSX-R have also been significantly increased with the custom tune. You can test the car out on the bendy mountains of Mexico.


Mazda RX-7 ’97

Mazda RX-7 '97 - Forza Horizon 5 Best JDM Cars

Price: 35,000CR
Class: B
Tune Code: 168 353 241 (Race Grip Build)

The last car we’ll talk about on this list of the best JDM cars in Forza Horizon 5 is going to be the Mazda RX-7 ’97. The RX-7 is famous for its 1.3L Twin-Turbo rotary engine.

For this one, we’ve fully banked towards making it an absolutely fast and grippy sports car. You’ll feel how nimble and grounded it is around corners when street racing in the cities of Mexico.

There are purist tunes for the RX-7, but we wanted to keep the wide-body trend going.

Final Thoughts

Those were the 10 best JDM Cars in Forza Horizon 5. They were in no particular order, and chances are that you can comfortably own all of them since most of these rides are on the cheaper side.

We’ve covered the best drift cars in Forza Horizon 5 as well. We here at WIG also discuss other informative topics related to FH5 on a daily basis, so keep visiting us to stay updated.

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