10 Fastest Drag Cars in Forza Horizon 5

A Quarter Mile at a Time.

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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Forza Horizon 5 lets you customize any car to be good at drag racing, but some cars have better baseline stats, allowing them to be pushed to the next level and achieve some of the highest quarter-mile times in the game. So, we went to work and found out the 10 Fastest Drag Cars you can currently drive in Forza Horizon 5.

As always, a disclaimer is that following this list would require a lot of money in the game because some of these hypercars cost a pretty penny.

Another thing to note is that these are not the dead final, fastest drag cars in the game. You can find your own tunes for any car you prefer, and it might end up being faster than the cars we’ve mentioned here. Forza allows for a lot of flexibility and never forces you to play with a specific car, no matter the activity you are trying to perform.

Let’s dig into the list with all that out of the way!


Lamborghini Diablo GTR

Lamborghini Diablo GTR

Price: 1,200,000CR ~ // Auction House Buy out Estimate
Class: S1
Tune Code: 697 361 407 (Drag Tune)
1/4 Mile In: 12.19s ~

You might be noticing a pattern here because there is one. The Lamborghini Diablo GTR turns out to be the fastest drag car in FH5.

We’ve found a drag tune for the Lambo, which allows for quicker launches, better downforce, smoother shifting, and overall weight of the car to be optimized enough to do a quarter mile in just under 12.19s.

You can only get the Lamborghini Diablo GTR through the Auction House or by completing the standard Lamborghini Diablo Skill Tree, an excellent FH5 drag car.


Koenigsegg Jesko 2020

Koenigsegg Jesko 2020

Price: 2,800,000CR
Class: S2
Tune Code: 269 066 583 (Drag Tune)
1/4 Mile In: 12.24s ~

Koenigsegg Jesko is the fastest car in Forza Horizon 5, and it almost beats the Diablo GTR in being one of the best drag cars in FH5 as well. We were excited to test this S2-Class beast, and the results were astonishing, as expected.

The Koenigsegg Jesko managed to do a 1/4 mile in around 12.24s, and we are positive that this time can be improved by a better driver, better shifting, and more suitable weather conditions.


Rimac Concept Two 2019

Rimac Concept Two 2019

Price: 2,000,000CR
Class: S2
Tune Code: 245 303 219 (Drag Tune)
1/4 Mile In: 12.34s ~

Next up, we have the first electric car on the list; The Rimac Concept Two. This 2 million CR S2-Class all-electric car flies through a quarter mile in 12.34s with our provided Drag Tune.

The 4 liquid-cooled electric motors generate an absurd 1887BHP, which is enough to fling the car to 200MPH in under 13 seconds.

If we had to be picky about it, then yeah, the Rimac doesn’t have great road grip at top speeds. You’ll never feel confident banking with this car. It’ll easily crash if you try to send it into corners.


Maclaren F1 GT

Maclaren F1 GT

Class: S2
Tune Code: 674 448 597 (Drag Tune)
1/4 Mile In: 12.41s ~
Class: S2

The F1 GT is the only and most expensive Maclaren offering on this list. This 15 million CR classic turns out to be an absolute drag monster with the right tune.

We tested it with a community favorite drag tune, and the results were fruitful. The F1 GT managed to cross the quarter-mile mark in just under 12.41s.

And the best part is that the car feels great even at top speeds. It generates enough downforce to keep the car firmly planted on the road.



BMW X5 M FE- Forza Horizon 5 Fastest Drag Cars

Price: 200,000CR ~ // Auction House Buy out Estimate
Class: S2
Tune Code: 103 654 236 (Drag Tune)
1/4 Mile In: 12.43s ~

BMW X5 M FE is another multi-purpose vehicle you can buy in Forza Horizon 5 and tune to suit your circuit, street, dirt, and even drag racing needs.

The X5 can only be acquired through the Auction House and will cost anywhere between 180-200k CR (depending on the market rates at that time).

Buy the car and use the provided tune code to do a quarter mile in around 12.43s. Feel free to tweak the tune and find any performance gaps to improve the time even more.


Chevrolet Copo Camero

Chevrolet Copo Camero - Forza Horizon 5 Fastest Drag Cars

Price: 205,000CR OR Auction House (if you don’t have Hot Wheels DLC)
Class: S1
Tune Code: – 475 339 863 (Anti-Lag Drag Tune)
1/4 Mile In: 12.50s ~

Introduced with the Hot Wheels DLC, the Chevrolet Copo Camero is a drag monster waiting to be unleashed. It sticks to the road on the start line and quickly crosses the quarter-mile mark in under 12.50s.

You can only buy this car via the Auction House if you don’t own the Hot Wheels DLC. The Copo Camero comes with a 5.7L Supercharged V8 and an RWD 4-speed transmission.

The car looks quite chunky and doesn’t lose the American Muscle aesthetic even though it follows the Hot Wheels theme.


Sierra Alpha

Sierra Alpha

Price: 70,000CR OR Auction House (if you don’t have Hot Wheels DLC)
Class: S2
Tune Code: 155 872 744 (Drag Tune)
1/4 Mile In: 12.96s ~

We came across the Sierra Alpha while researching the best drag cars in FH5, and it definitely caught our attention. Its lightweight frame, 1.3L Turbo engine, RWD 6-speed transmission, and grippy tires enable it to cross the 1/4 mile stretch in just under 13 seconds.

As with all other Hot Wheels-themed cars, you need the DLC to buy it from the Showroom, otherwise, the Auction House is your best bet. It’s a fun, nimble and fast car that you should own if you can snag it for a good price.


Lotus Evija 2020

Lotus Evija 2020

Price: 2,500,000CR
Class: S2
Tune Code: 437 550 306 – (Drag Tune)
1/4 Mile In: 13.22s ~

Lotus Evija is the second all-electric car we have included in this list. It also pushes some impressive quarter-mile times, making it a viable option for competitive drag racing in FH5.

The provided tune code allows the Evija to cross the 1/4 mile distance in less than 13.22s. It feels more planted when compared to the Rimac Concept Two but takes about 1 more second to cross the quarter mile. You can decide if handling is something you prefer over a quicker time.


Hot Wheels Bone Shaker 2011

Hot Wheels Bone Shaker 2011

Price: 150,000CR OR Auction House (if you don’t have Hot Wheels DLC)
Class: A
Tune Code: 312 147 751 – (Drag Tune)
1/4 Mile In: 13.43s ~

Hot Wheels Bone Shaker 2011 is one of the best A-Class cars that can be bought from the Auction House or the Showroom (if you own the Hot Wheels DLC) and be tuned to fit the drag bill.

We found the Bone Shaker doing a quarter mile in about 13.43s with our tune, which is quite respectable considering how weirdly designed and lacking horsepower this car can be. It looks cool though—10/10 points for designing a badass car.


Ferrari 599XX Evo 2012

Ferrari 599XX Evo 2012 - Forza Horizon 5 Fastest Drag Cars

Price: 2,600,000CR
Class: S2
Tune Code: 132 327 966- (Drag Tune)
1/4 Mile In: 13.59s ~

The last and perhaps one of your most-favorite free-roam cars in FH5, The Ferrari 599XX Evo comes pre-tuned with an aerodynamic spoiler, wide body kit, and other adjustments to make it a circuit and drag beast that absolutely hugs the tarmac no matter how you throw it into corners around Mexico.

We found a drag tune that optimizes it further for straights and enables it to cross a quarter mile in just under 14s. The notable thing here is that the car feels incredible at high speeds and it is the most practical option among the other cars.

Practical because of how stable and tame it feels even when you floor it, making it a beginner-friendly yet incredibly fast hypercar.

Final Thoughts

These were our picks for the fastest drag cars in Forza Horizon 5. Let us know which one of these beasts proved to be useful and fast in your testing. Do note that pro drag racers use Manual Shifting to achieve the best gear shifts and achieve the fastest 1/4 mile times.

There is a slight delay in automatic transmission which is unavoidable. So, if you are competitive about drag racing, its the stick life for you!

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