Fresh Resident Evil 8 Story Leak Shows Lady Dimitrescu Boss Fight

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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A few days ago we had our first official look at Lady Dimitrescu. She was previously shown in the Capcom leaks that shows cutscenes and screenshots, but with the official reveal, we can put a name to that tall figure. Unfortunately, a fresh Resident Evil 8 Story Leak (or series of them) show off some new content, including a boss fight with her.

Fresh Resident Evil 8 Story Leak shows Lady Dimitrescu can be even Taller

Some new videos have popped up on the internet and while I have seen the videos enough to testify that they are new and original and not part of the prior leaks, you should now be more vigilant than ever before on surfing the internet.

Here are a few screenshots of the new scene which shows Ethan taking a stab at Lady Dimitrescu but the blade has no effect on her.

There are more screenshots I took but further screenshots would take us out of the village and in to spoiler town.

With Resident Evil 8 Village officially releasing on May 7th 2021, fans are wondering if the game will be able to surpass and exceed the 2017 title. While Resident Evil 7 had its fair share of leaks that also had a mix of being true and untrue, we can only hope that the same case is for here.

A similar scenario happened last year with The Last of Us Part 2’s story cutscenes getting leaked and what people thought was the ending was actually the first half hour or so of the game instead.

For now, as dangerous as the spoilers are, its best that you avoid places where you know you’ll find spoilers for the game. It seems that the latest set of Capcom leaks may have unearthed some fresh cutscenes for leakers to post on the internet.

If you’re among the lucky populous that has a PS5, you can play the Maiden demo that is made as a visual showcase of the game along with 3D Audio. Whether or not this demo will have a tie-in similar to the Resident Evil 7 demo is yet to be determined.

What are your thoughts on the boss fight? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • These screen shots show something very interesting, the knife Ethan took from the coffin can hurt Lady Dimitrescu, as her hand is covering the area he stabbed her in. I want to know how her daughters can be fought, they’re made of bugs and are practically intangible.
    And lastly, I wanna know about the other lady Dimitrescu was talking to on the phone

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