8 Games Like Cards Against Humanity

Something New for Game Night!

Naseer Abbas
Naseer Abbas
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Game Night is right around the corner and what better way to spend it than playing Cards Against Humanity, right? Except the game has become pretty universal and mainstream. Not Good if you’re playing it for the millionth time.

Everyone’s heard of it and you might as well bring something new to the table (no pun intended). Here are 8 games like Cards Against Humanity.



Games Like Cards Against Humanity

While not your regular board game, Quiplash is an online cooperative experience for the Nintendo Switch. It follows, the same route as Cards Against Humanity, you pull out quips instead of cards and aim to craft the most hilarious quip. While you might find your quip subjectively funny, the audience and voters get to decide.

You can play with up to 8 players and a voting audience of over 10,000, though you might never really get an audience that big. If your friends are bored and the discord call is getting stale, Quiplash will certainly turn around the atmosphere.



Games Like Cards Against Humanity

Jack in the Box made another excellent party game. Like Cards Against Humanity, you get a statement, but this time it’s an undeniable fact or truth with a keyword blacked out. You have to guess what keyword fits but you have to fib it and that’s the trick to Fibbage. You have to find out the truth.

You can play with 2 to 8 players in Fibbage. But over a two-hour playtime, the variety started to even out and my fun started to wear thin. Questions and keywords start to repeat. Overall, Fibbage is like any other party game like Cards Against Humanity. The fun lasts a few minutes to hours, it all comes down to your company and after an hour or two, you move on to something else.


Snake Oil

Games Like Cards Against Humanity

While Cards Against Humanity has had its fair share of success as a mainstream card game, Snake Oil literally kills it. Mechanically both games are pretty similar but things take a turn when it comes to the overall experience and appeal. 

In Snake Oil, you’re assigned a wild product that you have to pitch to all sorts of customers. You have to be vocal and sell yourself the best you can. It’s all about performance and can bring out the extrovert in an introvert.

In comparison, Cards Against Humanity is relatively tame and reserved in nature. So, if you’re aiming to make your friends open up and let loose a bit, Snake Oil gets the job done. (no puns here).



Games Like Cards Against Humanity

Stinker is a skunk-themed card game that focuses on linguistic prowess above all else. You pull out a card prompt and players figure out an answer with their collection of 35 letters and two wild tiles. The only time the game ends is when the last player finishes. Though, this can make one feel quite inadequate when they’re at the end of the stick.

Like Cards Against Humanity, Stinker is simple and accessible but the fun doesn’t last all that long. It’s fun half the time and it’s serviceable at best in other moments. But it’s a change of pace from Cards Against Humanity, that’s for sure!



Games Like Cards Against Humanity

If you aren’t one for interviews, Funemployed not might be your cup of tea. You’re assigned a few qualification cards. One player acts as the employer and the others use their qualification cards to pitch themselves for a job title in a clockwise fashion.

Toward the end, the winner gets a job card and the last person with the most job cards wins. Funemployed puts your selling skills to the test once again, kind of like Snake Oil. If you’re bored with Cards Against Humanity, funemployment takes the cake.


Say Anything

So you’re in a quiet room and everyone is acting awkward. The party needs to get going. The ideal solution would be to make everyone feel comfortable but forcing it won’t work. Say Anything can save a party from the brink of death. 

Say Anything basically get’s the conversation going. Like Cards Against Humanity, you pull out a question card that asks a question and you have to come up with an answer. It’s a time trial to jot down your answer and smack it face-up on the table. You choose a favorite response and other players vote on it.

Say Anything makes for a great icebreaker and gets the conversation rolling if the atmosphere gets a bit too awkward and silent.


Word Whimsy

In contrast to all other board and party games on the list, Word Whimsy is the easiest to get into. A judge whips out a prompt card with a simple open-ended question and you have to decide on a befitting answer. It could be general and open-ended or a bit personal.

Either way, the judge decides which is the better answer and ultimately dictates the overall winner of the game.

You can change things up a notch by switching judges and voting on answers, or things might plunge into chaos. But Word Whimsy works particularly well at smoothing out conversations and matters between people that don’t get along otherwise.


Telestations After Dark

If you’re in the mood for something a tad bit mature or are looking for some teenage humor at its finest, then Telestrations won’t disappoint. Players are assigned a sketchbook and a card which they get to choose a word from.

Then you sketch the word and the remaining players try to guess what you drew. It’s bound to create confusion. Heck, you might even find out that your friend is a sketching whiz. Either way, Telestrations.

But beware, Telestations After Dark is a lot harder than you’d initially expect, making it harder for players to guess a sketch, especially if your friend draws like a Cerebral Palsy patient.


These 8 games like Cards Against Humanity provide a more well-rounded experience than the former. They might as well bring out the extrovert in a seemingly quiet friend. It’s certainly good to switch to something different from time to time. Just don’t be a sore loser and ruin the fun for everyone!

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