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Bilawal Bashir
Bilawal Bashir
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Image shows user Playing with the Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro Review
9.5 Awesome
Review Overview

Gamesir is coming out with hit after hit, and the Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro Review looks at another of their affordable yet competitive offerings. The controller gives top-of-the-line features that challenge even the biggest companies in the third-party controller market. I’ll admit, I get excited whenever Gamesir announces a new controller; whether it’s for the Xbox, phones, or PC, the company nails the design and usability every time.

Is the Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro a great addition to their lineup, or does it have shortcomings? The Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro Review aims to answer all those questions and more. I’ve spent a few weeks with the controller, and it’s a less-pro sibling. I have plenty of experience playing games on a PC, Steamdeck, and the Nintendo Switch with the Cyclone T4 Pro.


Image has Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro Review box

The Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro comes in a neat package that tightly packs the controller. You don’t have to worry about the controller, sticks, or triggers getting damaged during transportation. It’s not flashy but has some flair; this is usually Gamesir’s style.

Image has the Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro Review box contents

Inside the package, you’ll find the controller, a USB wireless dongle, a USB Type C cable, some paperwork, an instruction manual, and a Gamesir logo sticker. The battery is non-removable here, so it’s already inside the controller. Overall, it’s a good package that safely gets the controller to you.

Design – Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro Review

Image has the Controller in hand

The Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro is inspired by the default Xbox Series X/S/One controller. It has almost the same shape as the Xbox controller but adds some minor enhancements. I love the Xbox design, so the Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro was immediately recognizable and familiar to my hands. In my initial testing, I had no trouble playing Tower of Fantasy on the Pimax Portal for 3 hours.

Image shows the Controller main view

The Gamesir T4 Pro follows the same button layout and labels as the Xbox controller. ABYX face buttons are the same as well; this makes playing games on the PC a breeze, as most games use the Xbox facebutton schemes by default. The odd thing is that the controller is incompatible with Xbox consoles; I tried to plug it in and even used the dongle. The analog stick placement is also identical, so players who prefer the Playstation controller may need to train their left thumb to extend a bit.

Image shows the Back view of the Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro Review

Overall, I love the Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro design as it is very comfortable in my hands for an extended gaming period. While it isn’t as flashy as the Gamesir T4 Kaleid controller, it still has some style; it’s rather muted for the lovers of “RGB gamer aesthetics,” though.

Build Quality

Image shows the Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro controller front

The first thing you’ll notice about the Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro is its weight; it’s surprisingly lightweight. Yes, the controller is significantly lighter than the default Xbox and PlayStation 5 controllers and can immediately throw off people who prefer some weight to their controllers. I had no trouble adjusting to the lightweight as it offers more comfort for couch gaming.

Image shows the Analog stick

Another advantage of the light weight is that it doesn’t add to the fatigue when you use it with the phone. The phone clip is sold separately and didn’t come with our review unit. Apart from the lightweight, the controller is strong and sturdy. There is zero bend or flexibility here. I’ve tried to twist and turn the controller, but it never budged. The controller also doesn’t flex inwards, so the faceplate is strong. The buttons, triggers, sticks, and grips are all made with good-quality materials; I’m still surprised at the low price of the controller.

Hall Effect -Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro Review

Image shows the Hall Effect stick

Gamesir’s claim to fame came with the release of Gamesir G7 SE controller for the Xbox. It’s the first controller for Xbox that comes with Hall effect sticks and has official support from Microsoft. The only downside to that controller was its odd vibration balancing and wired nature. Both issues are solved with the Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro (unfortunately, the controller doesn’t support Xbox, though). The T4 Pro comes with Hall effect sticks and triggers, which are immediately better than most controllers.

Hall Effect Sticks

Image shows the M button on the Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro Review

Hall Effect analog sticks don’t have any components that touch each other, reducing friction and wear and tear. Using resistive analog sticks in Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Steam Deck requires physical contact. The potentiometer/resistive sticks use electric resistance to measure movement in the sticks; therefore, they are prone to wear when used. Performance degradation is inevitable in the case of potentiometer analog sticks and may lead to the dreaded stick drifting.

Image shows a Comparison with G8 a mobile controller

On the other hand, Hall effect sticks use magnetics to translate movement into inputs. No parts physically touch against each other, so there is significantly less wear during usage. The technology removes the stick drifting from the controller, exponentially increasing its life. Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro uses Hall effect sticks; no matter how hard you try, they aren’t going to drift.

Hall Effect Triggers

Image shows the Triggers with textures

The Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro also uses hall effect triggers; they are highly sensitive to inputs and can detect minute changes in pressure. The accurate trigger press detection makes the inputs faster and more accurate. While this may not feel like a big change, the life of the triggers is also extended here. If you plan on using a controller for a long while, Hall effect triggers will help.

Buttons – Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro Review

Image has the Facebuttons

The controller uses the standard Xbox ABYX configuration and is very clicky. They feel tactile and responsive during games. I played Mortal Kombat, Tekken 7, and Street Fighter with the controller, and it felt great in fighting games. The microswitches are excellent in response and feel great when playing any game. Inputting combos was easy, and I never felt at a disadvantage. However, if you play games in a quiet room with a partner sleeping, the clicking might be a bit loud for the other person. So, no sneaky gaming sessions late at night.

Back Buttons

Image shows the back buttons on the Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro Review

The Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro offers two fully customizable back buttons. The back buttons can be changed on the fly using the controller without playing with the companion software. Setting the buttons up is very easy and requires a simple combo of buttons with the dedicated M button on the controller. The back buttons are too responsive for my tastes, making them easy to press during frantic gaming sessions.

Image shows the back grip

I recommend a lighter grip, as I accidentally reloaded in a Call of Duty match. Once your hands get accustomed to the buttons, there won’t be more unintentional slide cancels. You can also customize the buttons in the software to register button combos or activate turbo. Unlike the Gamesir G7 SE, there is no physical toggle to turn off the back buttons on the fly.


Image has the D-pad on the Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro Review

The D-Pad on the Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro is fairly standard and has good travel. It’s not clicky, which is nice for fighting games. It’s not too mushy, so it remains tactile and responsive. It’s a membrane-based D-Pad that can become softer with use. Overall, I had no trouble pulling off moves with the D-Pad in Tekken 7.

Additional Buttons   

Image shows the Home and screenshot buttons

The Cyclone T4 has five additional buttons. The Gamesir logo button functions like the PS and Xbox buttons on the respective controllers. Then there are the “+” and “-” buttons, which work like Start/Select of old times. There is a dedicated screenshot button that lets you capture ongoing action. The M button or the Mode button changes modes on the controller and activates certain features. You can press the M + A button to switch to the Nintendo layout of ABXY. Use the M button with the Left and Right sticks to adjust dead zones on the fly. I recommend using the app to adjust the dead zones, though; that makes it much easier. 

Connectivity – Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro Review

Image shows the USB dongle

The controller uses three methods to connect with the devices. You can use Bluetooth to connect with phones, PC,  and Nintendo Switch. You can connect the controller to the PC with a USB Type C cable. The controller also comes with a Bluetooth dongle to connect devices without Bluetooth. Overall, I found connectivity stable and satisfactory. The polling rate is slightly lower, with USB Type C reaching 500Hz and Bluetooth only registering 250Hz.


Image shows the Home button lights up

The  Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro is compatible with almost any device with a USB port or Bluetooth. It runs well with both iOS and Android devices. It’s great on the PC and works just as well with the Nintendo Switch. It’s the best third-party Nintendo Switch controller on the market. It’s exponentially more durable and comfortable than holding the infamously brittle JoyCons for a gaming session. Unfortunately, the device is incompatible with Xbox or PlayStation; they didn’t want to spring for console fees and decided to keep the controller price lower.

Software Features

Image shows the Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro Review app

The companion Gamesir app works across all of their controllers and has the same interface. Once connected, you can also update the firmware directly from the app. The app lets you change the controller’s behavior, including button behavior, back button assignment, trigger controls, stick adjustment, and vibration intensity. It’s an intuitive interface that lets you customize the controller behavior. For example, I enable hair triggers when playing an FPS title to get an instant response when shooting.

Image shows the companion app interface

Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro’s level of customization is great on phones and PC. I’ve previously used their app on Xbox for the G7 SE and Android for the Gamesir G8 Galileo, so I was familiar with how it worked. It’s intuitive and fast, so you won’t have trouble using it.

Experience -Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro Review

Image shows user Playing with the Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro Review

I had a lot of fun testing the  Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro out. It’s a great controller both for smartphones and the Nintendo Switch consoles. The customization options are great, the back buttons add further utility to the controller, and the overall experience is pleasant.

Feel and Comfort

Image shows the Textured grip

The  Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro is a very comfortable controller. I have standard-sized hands, so it was a very comfortable hold. The textured grips helped with the stability of the controller. The back buttons are slightly sensitive, but I quickly adjusted to their presence. I prefer a physical toggle for the back buttons like the GameSir G7 SE; I hope Gamesir brings that back in their next controller. Overall, the Cyclone T4 Pro is a highly comfortable controller with carefully made curves that compliment the palms well.

Is the Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro for you?

Image shows the Different controllers with the Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro Review

The  Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro is for you if you need a full-sized controller for your smartphone. Attach the additional phone holder to the controller; you have a nifty, nimble, and lightweight setup for mobile games. With games like Tower of Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto, and Genshin Impact, you won’t feel hindered with touch screen controls anymore.

You can also consider the  Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro as a great alternative to the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. The Switch Pro controller still uses potentiometer analog sticks that aren’t as fragile as Joycons but are still prone to drifting.

The controller is great for couch gaming using a PC as well. Connect it to the device and sit back to have a great experience. I also tested the controller with the Steam Deck, which also worked flawlessly with the controller.


The  Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro gets my wholehearted endorsement; it is a great controller, especially at the price it’s selling. I usually don’t say this, but get the Cyclone; it’s well worth the asking price. The controller lasts a long time on a single charge, costs less than first-party controllers, and has advanced features lacking on the standard Xbox, Switch, and PlayStation controllers.

Image shows user Playing with the Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro Review
Review Overview
Awesome 9.5
Overall Score 9.5
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