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Gamesir is my favorite third-party controller company, and the Gamesir Cyclone T4 Review explores another of their input devices. The company has been on fire recently, releasing great controller after controller and doing so at an affordable price. I’ve been impressed with the offerings, so I was excited to write the Gamesir Cyclone T4 Review.

The Gamesir Cyclone T4 is another good controller from the company that can work with PC, Android/iOS, and Nintendo Switch without any hiccups or issues. Does it have any shortcomings? Yes, there are minor issues, but at the price, I’m more than willing to let them slide. Let’s dive deeper and discuss why I’m making this a permanent addition to my controller collection.


Image shows Gamesir Cyclone T4 Review - Package

The controller comes in a neat package that provides ample security. The rigid cardboard is more than enough to absorb any incoming damage, but another cardboard cutout keeps the controller suspended and safe.

Image shows Gamesir Cyclone T4 Review package contents

Inside the Gamesir Cyclone T4 package, you’ll find the controller, a USB Type C cable for charging, paperwork, an instruction manual, and a Gamesir sticker. The controller already has non-removable batteries, making it easy to plug and play.


Image shows Angled front view

The Gamesir Cyclone T4 has a standard Xbox controller-style design. The Microsoft controller inspires everything from the triggers to stick placement. Anyone familiar with the Xbox controller will be right at home with this controller. Players preferring the Sony style will have a slight learning curve.

Image shows the Gamesir Cyclone T4 in hand

The Gamesir Cyclone T4 uses Nintendo-style face buttons that follow the ABYX pattern. The Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro uses the Xbox ABXY layout. On the back, you’ll find two programable buttons that can be mapped on the fly. Overall, the Gamesir Cyclone T4 has a pleasant design that isn’t as over the top as the Gamesir Cyclone T4 Kaleid controller.

Build Quality

Image shows the Gamesir Cyclone T4 and G7 SE

The controller is made of plastic and is very lightweight. The plastic has no flexibility to it and has almost no flex. It’s sturdy and can withstand a couple of drops, although I won’t recommend going into gaming rage with it. The surprisingly lightweight controller still feels solid and doesn’t fatigue your hands, even after extended gaming sessions.

Hall Effect Features

Image shows the Controller face buttons

Hall Effect features are what made Gamesir a big deal, and these features make the controller sturdy and long-lasting. The Gamesir Cyclone T4 and Pro come with hall effect sticks and triggers.

Hall Effect Sticks

Image shows Hall effect sticks on the Gamesir Cyclone T4 review

Hall Effect sticks use electromagnets to detect input; no physical contact between components reduces friction and wear and tear. Traditional potentiometer sticks use resistance to detect input, which results in eventual degradation of the components. 

Image shows the Slanted view of the controller

Potentiometer sticks in stock controllers will inevitably develop the dreaded stick drift, a defect that isn’t possible on Hall Effect sticks. The Gamesir Cyclone T4 has Hall Effect sticks, making them last longer. I downright abused the controller playing Tekken 8 for two weeks, and it didn’t budge. The Gamesir Galileo G8 also uses the same sticks, but it’s a smartphone controller.

Hall Effect Triggers

Image shows the Triggers - Gamesir Cyclone T4 Review

The controller also comes with Hall Effect triggers. The triggers, while not a massive upgrade, are still better at detecting minor changes in pressure. The extreme sensitivity makes them great for detecting inputs. The triggers are handy in first-person shooters; each trigger press is essential to your performance. The hall effect triggers will also last longer than traditional ones, making the Gamesir Cyclone T4 a long-term investment.


Image shows the Gamesir Cyclone T4 Review controller

The buttons on the Gamesir Cyclone T4 use the Nintendo layout of ABYX. Unlike the Pro version, which uses tactile micro switch buttons, the Gamesir Cyclone T4 has membrane buttons. The buttons are still responsive and springy, although they don’t have the clicky tactile feeling of the Pro controller.

Back Buttons

Image shows the Back buttons

There are two programable back buttons on the Gamesir Cyclone T4. The button functions can be changed using the controller itself, so there is no need to use the companion software here. This flexibility lets you change the functions even when playing an online match. Depending on my play style, I switch between the jump or sprint buttons.

Image shows the Textured grip

The buttons are a little sensitive, making them prone to accidental hits if you are not careful. However, after a few games, you’ll get used to them being there, and it won’t be a problem. There is no physical toggle to turn off the buttons like the excellent Gamesir G7 SE.


Image shows the D-PAD

The D-Pad is a standard affair on the Gamesir Cyclone T4. It is a little mushy for my taste but gets the job done. I played Tekken 8 with the D-Pad and had no trouble side-stepping or chaining combos. It is responsive and can easily make semi-circle movements, so Paul’s punches are reasonably easy to execute.

Additional Buttons

Image shows the Extra buttons

The T4 has five extra buttons—the logo button functions like the Switch, Xbox, or PlayStation console home button. The + and – buttons are like the Start and Select buttons. The controller also has a screenshot button, which works across platforms, making it a great addition. The M button and combinations of other buttons let you change functions on the fly.


Image shows the USB Type C connection

The Gamesir Cyclone T4 uses Bluetooth to connect with your Switch, phone, or PC. The controller doesn’t come with a wireless dongle but is sold separately. You can also use a wired connection for less delay.


Image shows the Comparison between Gamesir Cyclone T4 and Pro

Devices that use a USB connection or Bluetooth are compatible with the Gamesir Cyclone T4. The list includes PCs, laptops, Macs, Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, the controller doesn’t work on Xbox or PlayStation consoles.

Software Features

Image shows the companion app interface

The Gamesir companion software works on your smartphone. It’s a single app that can detect controllers from the Gamesir lineup. I’ve also tested the Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro and Galileo G8 with it. It’s an excellent piece of software that provides added customization ability.

Image shows the Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro Review app

You can upgrade the controller firmware, change settings, adjust dead zones, change vibrations, and even adjust trigger control. Check the app out for a deeper level of customization that won’t be possible with any stock controller.

User Experience

Image shows user Playing with the Gamesir Cyclone T4 Review

My experience with the Gamesir Cyclone T4 was great. I’m still using it with the Nintendo Switch and its Pro variant. It works well, provides extra functions, and has hall effect sticks. The overall experience is comfortable and pleasant.

Feel and Comfort

Image shows the Gamesir family

The Gamesir Cyclone T4 is a highly comfortable controller to hold during long gaming sessions. I had no problems playing Fallout 4 for around 6 hours in a single go. My hands usually get sweaty, but the ridged grips on the T4 kept them nice and dry. The back buttons were too easy to hit at the start, but once I got accustomed to them, it was smooth sailing from there on out.

Is the Gamesir Cyclone T4 for You?

Image shows the Sticks on the Gamesir Cyclone T4

The Gamesir Cyclone T4 is for you if you are tired of repeatedly paying for brittle and sub-par JoyCons. I’ve already given up on JoyCons, lasting over a few months now, and solely rely on third-party controllers. The controller is for you; if you love the feel of a standard controller to play games on your phone, it works well paired with a competent machine like the Pimax Portal.

Image shows the Controller laying down

The Gamesir Cyclone T4 Pro has a wireless dongle and trigger vibration functionality. The Pro variant also has tactile face buttons that use micro-switches instead of membrane. If you don’t need these features and want to save even more, the Gamesir Cyclone T4 will be perfect.


The T4 is an affordable alternative to the Nintendo Switch Pro controller, which costs way more than the T4. The hall effect sticks, the back buttons, and the companion software make the Cyclone T4 one of the best deals in the gaming controller world. Like its Pro brother, the  Cyclone T4 also gets my enthusiastic approval.

Review Overview
Awesome 9
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