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Stick Drift who?

Bilawal Bashir
Bilawal Bashir
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Image shows the Hall effect sticks on the GameSir G7 SE Review
Review Overview

It’s always great to see a new third-party controller and the GameSir G7 SE review will show how the new kid stacks up with the big guys. The GameSir controller distinguishes itself thanks to its Hall Effect analog sticks. If you are tired of stick drift in your standard Xbox controllers, this controller is one of the best options out there. 

GameSir G7 SE Review

image shows Contents inside the package

The normal analog sticks use electrical resistance to work, this means they get wear and tear from regular usage. No matter how delicately you use the sticks, eventually, they all fail and develop the dreaded stick drift. Hall Effect sticks use a magnetic field to detect movement. As there are no touching parts, there is virtually no degradation in the performance over time. There is also less chance of stick drift happening.


Image has the GameSir G7 SE controller package

The GameSir G7 SE review wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t praise how well the controller was packaged. The whole presentation is well done with an exterior box, an interior cardboard shell, and plastic wraps. The controller arrived in pristine condition, and that is what matters the most. 

Image shows the package from inside

Inside you’ll find a white colored USB Type A to Type C braided cable. It is fairly long, measuring above 9 feet, and is thick so regular usage won’t damage it for a long time. The package also contains a booklet, an instructions manual in multiple languages, and a GameSir sticker. The package also came with one month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Freebies are always appreciated.

Physical Features

Image shows everything that comes with the controller

This is an Xbox controller through and through. The design is instantly recognizable even though GameSir arranged some buttons differently. Every major control is the same as the standard Xbox controller so it won’t feel alien in your hands. 

Hall Effect Sticks

Image shows the Hall effect sticks on the GameSir G7 SE Review

The Hall Effect Sticks are the main draw of GameSir G7 SE. I’ve put the controller through the wringer for more than 80 hours of gaming. By wringer I mean playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for 30+ hours. I also ended Remnant 2 with the controller. And lastly, I invited my younger cousins to play Tekken with the GameSir G7 SE. The sticks are working as new, I don’t think stick drift will be an issue with the Hall Effect sticks. 


Image shows the Triggers on the GameSir G7 SE Review

The triggers are textured and fairly standard in design. They also use the Hall Effect and offer 255 points of sensitivity. The triggers are accurate up to 0.1mm and their sensitivity can easily be checked in the software.

There is a dedicated vibration motor inside each trigger too, this is the standard Xbox Series controller feature. However, the companion software lets you change how strong the vibration is. The software also lets you change the triggers to hair triggers, they activate as soon as you put pressure on them. This is great for first-person shooters or competitive games. 

Face Buttons

Image shows the face buttons on the controller

The face buttons are standard Xbox affair as they should be. They are placed exactly right and are easily reachable with the thumb. The X, B, Y and A buttons are color-coded but are not embossed or engraved. The buttons are smooth to the touch so unless you are a seasoned Xbox player, you’ll need to see the buttons to know what button to press. 

Back Buttons

Image shows the Back of the GameSir G7 SE Review

The GameSir G7 SE comes with two customizable back buttons. The mapping can be done on the go with the physical buttons or in the companion software. This makes the controller ideal for slide canceling in Call of Duty or just having the reload or jump mapped to one of the buttons.

Image has the Back button toggle switch

I usually map the sprint to the left back button, it’s so much easier than pressing the left stick. If you don’t want to accidentally press the back buttons, there is a handy switch that toggles them off. Simply slide it to the off position and it will disable the back button.  


Image shows the d-pad

The D-Pad is a little mushy than I like, but it is also pretty quiet. Great for the time when you don’t want to wake someone up with the noisy stock Xbox controller D-Pad. This also means it doesn’t feel as tactile, especially in fighting games. It works perfectly so there are no complaints. 

Image shows the d-pad on the controller

The D-pad also functions as a volume controller. Press the mode button and then press up to increase volume or down to decrease it. There is a chat mixer function with the right button favoring chat and the left one prioritizing game volume. It’s a nifty feature to have, especially in competitive games. 

Mode and Mute Buttons

Image shows the Mode button

I can’t do the GameSir G7 SE review without talking about the Mode and Mute buttons. The Mode button lets you quickly change volume, map buttons, and even switch profiles without the need for any software. Changed games from a racer to a shooter? Press the Mode (M) button and one of the face buttons and switch profiles on the fly. 

Image shows the Mute button on the GameSir G7 SE Review

The mute button is essential these days and it’s a wonder why the stock Xbox controller doesn’t have it. The PlayStation 5 controller comes with one and the GameSir G7 SE also has one, right next to the 3.5mm headphone jack. Press mute to turn off your mic, no need to let the whole party know what flavor of pizza you are ordering. 

View, Menu, and Xbox Buttons

Image has the View, menu, xbox buttons

The View and Menu buttons are clicky and tactile. They are not using membrane switches, they are either mechanical or micro switches making them feel great to use. I would’ve loved to see the same type of clicky-ness on the face buttons too but that’s asking too much from a controller at a sub $50 price. 

Comparison with Stock Controller

Image shows the Comparison with stock and modded controller

The biggest difference between the GameSir G7 SE and the stock Xbox controller is the wire. The GameSir G7 SE is a wired controller with no option of turning it wireless. So if you have your TV set far, the 9-foot-long cable won’t be good enough for you. 

Image has the Stock controller and GameSir G7 SE Review

On the good side, the Hall Effect sticks and triggers are a clear upgrade. The sticks can take a beating, I certainly tried to make them break but was unable to even include minor drift. The triggers also feel good but they function the same as the stock controller. 

The addition of a mute button, volume controls, and profiles is a game changer. These features matter a lot and make the GameSir G7 SE better than the stock controller. 

User Experience 

Image shows the hand grip from the front (1)

The GameSir G7 SE is designed well. The folks over at GameSir did their homework and didn’t deviate much from the stock design. As a result, the GameSir G7 SE feels perfect in my hands. Although I understand not everyone has the same-sized hands, for the average gamer, the controller fits great. 

Feel and Comfort 

Image shows a user Using the back buttons

The material used is plastic and it is comfortable to hold. The grips are laser-engraved and provide extra grip but it’s almost like the stock controller, not an upgrade. The button and stick placement is comfortable and hitting each button without taking my eyes off the screen was easy. 

Image has a gamer Playing a game with the GameSir G7 SE Review

The back buttons are placed in an ideal position, I was able to hit them easily with my middle fingers. Although some users with smaller hands can use them with their ring fingers as well. There were accidental presses at the start but once I got used to the buttons being there, there was virtually no chance of me rolling off a ledge in Remnant 2. 

Build Quality

Image shows the Controller grip pattern

The GameSir G7 SE is a well-made controller. It is lighter than the stock controller as it doesn’t require batteries. The plastic used is sturdy and feels nice to the touch. The rubber used on the analog sticks is also comfortable on the thumbs, even after extended hours of play. 

Image has the Magnetic faceplate off

The whole face plate comes off easily as it’s magnetic. Swapping out the plates is super easy, just pry the plate off and replace it with another. I wasn’t able to find any exotic plates, for now, the official GameSir Store is selling the black and white variants for $9.99 each. Hopefully, we will see more variety soon. 

Wired Performance

Image shows the USB Type connection on the controller

The performance was great, there were no hiccups during the time I played with the GameSir G7 SE controller. The controller uses a USB Type C connection and works flawlessly. Apart from handling the wire, you won’t feel any difference between the stock and the GameSir controller.

Software Customization 

Image shows the Keymapping gamesir g7 Se review

The GameSir G7 SE comes with the GameSir Nexus app both on the Xbox and PC. The companion software opens up a lot of customization possibilities for gamers. 


Image shows profiles on the controller

You can make 4 different profiles and customize each one to your liking. I made a dedicated shooter profile with hair triggers to help with the shooting. Another racing profile uses the excellent Hall Effect triggers to full effect along with vibration. Switching the profiles on the fly is easy too, no need to open the companion app.


Image shows the Trigger options Gamesir g7 Se review

The triggers can become hair triggers with a toggle in the customization app. Simply flip the switch and you can shoot as soon as you touch the triggers. This gives an advantage in games where reaction time is important like shooters. You can also adjust the range of the triggers where they activate and deactivate. 


Image has Sticks adjustment screen

The sticks sub-menu lets you adjust how the sticks behave. You can see if there is any drift as well. Adjusting the dead zone is easy with the menu too. This level of customization on a controller that costs less than the stock one is amazing to have. GameSir hit it out of the park with their app. 


Image shows the Vibration control screen

The GameSir Nexus app lets you override in-game vibration options and customize your experience. If you hate the trigger vibration in games, you can turn it completely off. The same goes for the grip vibration. 

Adjusting the vibration intensity is also easy here. I noticed the left grip motor wasn’t as refined as the right one. The right one felt smoother while the left motor was janky. Perhaps it was just my unit but it’s still a minor defect that needs to be addressed. 


Image shows the Controller without faceplate

The GameSir G7 SE is available on Amazon for $44.99. At this price, it is an easy recommendation for anyone looking for a customizable controller with plenty of settings to aid in games. Installing back buttons on a stock controller usually costs around $20 and you can mess the process up. The GameSir G7 SE has the advantage of a companion app that lets you tweak the whole controller on the Xbox. 

Is GameSir G7 SE Controller for You?

image takes a Closer look at the controller sticks

Yes, especially if you are not bothered by the wire. The controller is well worth the asking price. Get the GameSir G7 SE if you:

  • Hate stick drift
  • Hate unresponsive triggers
  • Need back buttons
  • Want a mute button 
  • Like customizing everything 
  • Love swappable face plates
  • Would use multiple profiles for different games
  • Loath running out of batteries during a match 


I’ve covered plenty of controllers, two of my favorites are the custom Xbox and PlayStation 5 controllers by MegaModz. The GameSir G7 SE is easily my preferred wired controller. There isn’t much I can complain about the controller. Perhaps the Xbox button could’ve used a backlight, and perhaps the vibration motors could perform equally but these are minor gripes.

The GameSir G7 SE gets a huge thumbs up from me. It’s affordable, it’s customizable, and it comes with one month of Game Pass, you can’t ask for more. 

Image shows the Hall effect sticks on the GameSir G7 SE Review
Review Overview
Overall Score 9.5
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