Here’s How You Can Get Back Your Cargo In Skull and Bones

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Skull and Bones is an upcoming action-adventure game developed by Ubisoft. The game features a vast open world with a lot of mechanics and details. Since the game is themed around pirates, it is only natural that players can plunder cargo and cause havoc.

However, what happens if you lose your cargo in Skull and Bones? Well, if you lose your cargo, you won’t have the necessary resources to upgrade your ship, among other things. Worry not because we’ll show you how you can retrieve it and get your resources back.

To get your cargo back in Skull and Bones, you need to wait to respawn at the Pirate Den and collect it from there. On top of that, you can also visit the site of your shipwreck and gather the remaining cargo if you are quick enough.

While the gameplay trailers have revealed a lot of details, some of them are still kept a secret for the players to explore for themselves. With that said, let’s dive right in and take a look at how the cargo mechanic works and how you can get it back.

Cargo Mechanic in Skull and Bones

Cargo In Skull and Bones
Transferring Cannonballs to cargo.

Skull and Bones has been a long-awaited game for a lot of players but it has faced a lot of developmental problems; causing the game to get delayed multiple times. Due to this, players have analyzed every single detail in the trailers and gameplay videos.

One of the most interesting parts of the game is the ability to carry cargo and bring it to your Den. Cargo plays a vital role since you can upgrade your ship, crew, weapons, and other things with it.

In fact, the game features various ships that excel in carrying cargo since they have more storage areas. While they are slower than the other ships, you can bring a lot of useful resources back to your base. Thanks to their higher carrying capacity, you’ll be able to upgrade your ship and trade with people around the world easily.

Navigation ship in Skull and Bones
A player sailing with full speed in Skull and Bones.

As such, in the classic pirate lifestyle, other players will try to plunder your ship and steal your resources. While you might survive a few times, there is bound to be a time when your ship will sink, and you will lose all your cargo.

Since you can easily spot a cargo ship from its appearance, players might target you and try to bring your ship down. Mostly, they will use other types of ships that are faster and excel in dealing damage. In that case, out-sailing them can be quite difficult.

How to Get All of Your Cargo Back

Picking up lost cargo
Retrieving cargo before other players get to it.

Now that we’ve talked about what cargo is used for and why it’s important, let’s take a look at how you can get it back after losing it. During your travels, you will encounter many privateers that will try to bring you down.

To make matters worse, you will also run into various players like yourself that are sailing the seven seas. If they sink your ship, you will lose all the cargo that you were carrying; making you lose a lot of progress. However, worry not because you can get it back as well.

Ship blowing up in Skull and Bones
A destroyed ship.

To get back your cargo, you need to wait until you respawn back at the nearest discovered Pirate Den. Once you respawn, you can collect some of your lose cargo from there. Keep in mind that the Den only has a portion of your resources.

If you want to get all of your cargo back, you need to go to your shipwreck. If you reach it before other players steal it, you can collect the remaining resources and take them to the nearest discovered Den.

Marked ship that has your ship's cargo
Enemy ship marked after stealing your cargo.

In case your cargo is stolen by another player, their ship will be marked for you to see. Until they take the resources back to an outpost, you can still get your cargo back by sinking their ship.

If you are tired of having your cargo stolen in Skull and Bones, you can always turn off PvP and play on PvE servers. This will allow you to upgrade your ship without any penalties or fear of other players.


Getting looted in Skull and Bones can be quite a traumatic experience for a lot of players. However, to become a mighty and infamous pirate, you must learn how to defend your ship and destroy other players that get in your way.

Hopefully, this guide showed you everything you wanted to know about the mailing system and other mechanics such as how to get your resources back. We would love to hear your thoughts about the game in the comments below!

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