Ghost of Tsushima Pre-Load is now live for digital pre-orders

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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If you have digitally pre-ordered Ghost of Tsushima on the PlayStation Store, you should be able to pre-load the game right now. The size of the pre-load is surprisingly very modest.

Ghost of Tsushima Pre-Load is now live

We reported that Ghost of Tsushima on the PS4 weighs in at a modest 35.5 GB. The current pre-load size weighs in at 34.694 GB.

The game will be available for pre-load as early as the 10th of July at midnight. The game will officially unlock on the 17th of July.

Ghost of Tsushima is the last exclusive that will be delivered on the PS4, making it a landmark title.

The Last PlayStation 4 Exclusive

A title that should have been given to The Last of Us Part 2, but that is a story for a whole other day.

Ghost of Tsushima is developed by Sucker Punch, the developers of the Sly Cooper series on the PlayStation 2, and Infamous games on the PlayStation 3/4.

This is a brand new IP from Sucker Punch and their first endeavor in unfamiliar waters. So far early impressions of the game paint a strong picture of the game.

Reviews for Ghost of Tsushima are set to lift on the 14th of July, and this will mean you will have 3 days to decide if you want to pre-order the game.

Currenrly, pre-ordering the game gets you a PS4 exclusive theme, an Avatar and the soundtrack (Dgitial).

The digital deluxe edition gets you a plethora of in-game items, but these will become redundant very quickly.

It’s also believed that Sucker Punch could also be working on a sequel or DLC for Ghost of Tsushima already.

As good as Ghost of Tsushima is going be, many fans are hoping that the studio does come back to working on the Infamous games, especially for the PS5.

An Infamous game on a PlayStation console has become a tradition now, so we can only hope for a new entry in the series.

Until that day arrives, get ready for the journey of Jin Sakai, as he becomes the Ghost of Tsushima.

If you’ve digitally pre-ordered the game, let us know in the comments section below.

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