Gigabash Review – A Kaiju Brawler On A Rampage

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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Gigabash Screenshot from the PS4 Version
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The first time I played anything similar to Gigabash was Rampage, but that game was a lot more linear in its offerings when compared to Gigabash. When we talk about the content offered by the game, we have over 5 different Kaiju fighters to choose from. Over a dozen levels and multiple modes to scratch the itch fans of the Kaiju-verse have been waiting for. In our Gigabash review, we take a look at what this brawler offers.


Gigabash is a straight-to-action Kaiju brawler. You literally choose between some of the most iconic characters in the genre such as Godzilla, Mothra, and many others but presented in their own unique style and name. Choose your local online game mode and you’re in.


There is an artificial story mode in here for you to get side-tracked. Though, the game is definitely meant to be a multiplayer experience. If you and your friends want to unleash pure giant monster mayhem on one of the many different settings the game takes place in, all you need are controllers.


As I mentioned before. The gameplay is as simple as can be. You have your heavy, light, ranged, and melee attacks that are unique to each different monster. You are placed on a giant map that resembles a city for you and your friends to brawl out your wildest fantasies. That’s it. The tutorial does an apt job of explaining the game.

Pitting 4 players against each other, cooperatively or competitively, is easily the closest you will get to a Godzilla game where you can fight your friends in cityscapes, and no avengers to stop you.

Players can utilize basic, special, dash, and jumps in the arena, but also deal damage to their opponent, and the environment helps charge a special meter called the S-Meter which turns your monster into an even bigger one for a limited time. You have to mix and match these to do your best to survive in the arena.

Gigabash Screenshot

In addition, all of the environments around you can be picked up and thrown at the enemies, buying you time, damage, and perhaps turning the game in your favor.

As the fight goes on, every level has a volcano that slowly depletes the health of anyone in it. This encourages players to toss each other in the lava, and stay out of the lava to preserve their health. There is no in-game timer, the lava is the timer.

Gigabash Screenshot

Monsters and Stages

There are a total of 10 monsters, and over 15 stages to choose from. While a lot of them are locked at the start of the game, you can unlock them by progressing in the game, completing the story, and other methods.

The game modes offered in the local and online coop are also very generous. In online you have a free-for-all, team battle (2v2), and duel (1v1). Quickplay allows you to find the quickest match by including all of the latter game modes in the search.

Coming to the local coop, you have a free-for-all, team battle, but a unique game mode is introduced called Mayhem, which is a free-for-all but offers minigames instead.

There is a lot of variety here with regard to characters, stages, and game modes. If you’re looking for variety, you will find it in spades here.

A great touch to the game is how when it comes down to a 1v1. The player that loses is shot off into space, ala Team Rocket’s blasting off again. A very satisfying way to end the game, which is easily a new unique way to end the match, second to Mortal Kombat’s iconic fatalities.


Despite playing on older hardware, the game still looks very good and has some great sound design. Unfortunately, the PS4 version of Gigabash runs at 30FPS. The next-gen versions tout 60FPS with higher resolutions. Even if you do buy it on the PS4, you will still have a blast if you plan on playing online or with friends. It is still a delightful game.

Gigabash Screenshot from the PS4 Version
Gigabash Screenshot

The fighting takes place over a helicopter view of the city, and is the best way to experience the game.

The sound design is also brilliant. Each monster brings its own unique track, audio, personality, and other cues with them to the brawl. It really is a game brimming with life and personality which is a great touch when making a fighting game of this type.

Overall, the game has a strong presentation and is a highlight of our Gigabash review. While you are far from seeing the visuals of Tekken, you are instead getting fully destructible stages, the ability to quickly get into the action is also a great added bonus to the game, and offers some good mindless fun ready to be picked up and played when you are eager to play with friends.


Gigabash is a game that I can recommend to anyone, but also to a specific niche of people. If you are a fan of Rampage or giant monsters overall, you are in for a blast. This is a fun casual brawler that has taken a lot of creative liberties to make a unique game that stands out, but if you are looking for a serious game to dedicate or commit time to, this is something that you won’t get far with.

Gigabash Screenshot
Gigabash Screenshot

While the effort from the devs is more than admirable, the game is easily categorized as a party game. It can be played with a crowd of people when the moment is right. Otherwise, only fans of the genre will see themselves taking on the online component to reign supreme as the ultimate monster.

In the end, Gigabash is easily a game that you can buy if you want something fun to take your mind off other fighting games and just want to experience something new and different.

What did you think of our Gigabash Review? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

This review is based on the PS4 version of Gigabash. The key was provided by Future Friends Games

Gigabash Screenshot from the PS4 Version
Review Overview
Great 8
Overall Score 8
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