This Glasses for Juri in Street Fighter 6 Mod Is ESSENTIAL

Juri has never looked better!

Ali Hashmi
Ali Hashmi
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Juri with Glasses Mod: Screenshot by DevolasRevenge - NexusMods

The Street Fighter 6 modding community is pretty active, and there are all sorts of neat visual mods to try out and customize your favorite characters. While a lot of these mods tend to modify the character models, or drastically change the outfit entirely, it’s the subtle ones that really stand out. One of these mods adds glasses for Juri in Street Fighter 6, and it’s fantastic.

Glasses for Juri in Street Fighter 6 Mod

This fantastic mod by NexusMods user DevolasRevenge adds a pair of glasses to Juri’s character model, and she looks awesome. It’s a small change, but really adds to her personality. Check out a few screenshots from the mod author below of the mod in action.

Installing the mod is pretty simple, and if you’re new to modding CAPCOM’s RE Engine games, here is how you can do that.

Prerequisites: Setting up Fluffy Mod Manager

If you already have the latest Fluffy Mod Manager set up for Street Fighter 6, you can skip this section.

  • Sign-up on NexusMods, so that you can download the mod manager and mod files
  • Install Winrar or 7zip, to extract compressed files
  • Head over to the following link to download the latest version of the mod manager
Manual Download Fluffy Manager Files
Manual Download Fluffy Manager Files
  • This will download a zip file
  • (Optional: Make a folder to keep everything in one place)
  • Now, using Winrar or 7zip, extract the zip file
Extract the zip file
Extract the zip file
  • Open the folder, and then launch Modmanager.exe
  • Select Street Fighter 6 from the list of games
Street Fighter 6 in list
Street Fighter 6 in list
  • Now select Choose game folder, and browse to the folder Street Fighter 6 is installed in
Choose game folder option
Choose game folder
  • That’s it, and you should now have access to the Mod list section
Mod list in Fluffy Manager
Mod list in Fluffy Manager

Installing the Juri Glasses Mod

With Fluffy Mod Manager set up, you can now download and install the Juri glasses mod.

  • Head over to the following NexusMods link, and click on Manual Download. You can choose between Regular and Tinted Glasses.
Glasses for Juri Mod Options
Glasses for Juri Mod Options
  • Now, drag the zip file directly into the Fluffly Mod Manager
  • Give it a minute, and it’ll install the mod file
  • Now, click on Juri below CHARACTERS which will now have a (1) indicating that there’s a new mod available
  • Now, simply toggle the glasses mod that you just installed
  • Minimize Fluffly Manager, and launch Street Fighter 6 either from Steam or using the “Launch Game” button in the Mod Manager
  • Now, Juri’s in-game model will have glasses
Juri with glasses with mod installed
Juri with Glasses Mod: Screenshot by DevolasRevenge – NexusMods

How To Disable or Delete a Mod

If you want to disable the mod, toggle it off the same way you enabled it.

Toggle Mod Off
Toggle Mod Off
  • You can also delete the mod entirely by clicking the small bin icon at the top left of the mod.
Delete Mod
Delete Mod

We hope this guide was helpful and you were able to install the Glasses for Juri in Street Fighter 6 Mod. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below.

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