Glen Schofield Comments On Callisto Protocol Season Pass Content

Glen Schofield clarifies confusion about the controversial Season Pass content

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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  • Nothing about the Season Pass has been set in stone yet.
  • Content is slated for a 2023 release.
  • One year of support for the title is confirmed.

Glen Schofield – CEO of Striking Distance studios, and the developer of The Callisto Protocol, has come to Twitter to clarify the misunderstanding about the Season Pass content for the upcoming title and states that nothing is set in stone yet for the content that has yet to be developed. Putting fans worries to rest about putting death animations behind a paywall.

The Callisto Protocol Season Pass Content Cleared Up

Earlier today, we talked about the Season Pass for The Callisto Protocol, and many fans were angry about how it could potentially mean paywalling death animations to paid content via the Season Pass. However, Glen Schofield took to Twitter and made sure to clear up the mess made by the news.

While putting content like death animations behind a paywall is controversial and can indeed be a problem for fans, if there is a fitting scenario for it that includes a boss or a unique environment in the DLC that can specifically cause it, that is something that can be considered fair.

The Callisto Protocol Key Art
The Callisto Protocol

It’s worth mentioning that The Callisto Protocol also has a full-year support plan, which means you will want to hold on to your copy for as long as possible. While Glen has yet to outline the explicit details behind what is to come to the game in the future, we can only say that after the brilliant track record of the CEO’s work on the original Dead Space, we can hope that the quality of the DLC is truly to the mark of gamers.

With all this in mind, perhaps fans can continue being excited for the release of the monumental title that is now only days away from release, and this is something we have been eagerly waiting for over the last few years.

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