You Can Now Run Google Stadia on Xbox Series X With A New Browser

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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While the cloud gaming wars are in their early stages, it seems that fans have discovered the ability to run Google Stadia on Xbox Series X consoles. Why you would do this? We don’t know. We just know you can.

Google Stadia on Xbox Series X – Thank You Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has recently revamped Microsoft Edge on the Xbox Series X to use the Chromium-based browser that’s currently being used on Windows 10. With the new browser, fans thought they would try and tinker with what they can do with the browser.

Fans were surprised to discover that they can run Google Stadia off the browser smoothly.

Users on Reddit were able to discover the feature and also confirmed that the controller does work with it.

While the Xbox has its own xCloud gaming solution for cloud-based gaming, this is still a neat feature for people to use.

The Xbox Series S is already considered a very fairly priced emulation machine with the ability to run RetroArch on the system and the big library of Xbox Backward Compatible games, but this is just additional icing on the cake.

While Google Stadia running on Xbox Series X before it can run without restrictions on Apple devices is just ironic, its good to know that it is at least an option if you are short of a browser that can fit on the big screen.

Services like GeForce Now and Google Stadia allow us to use our web browsers for gaming with a controller, but this would require users to plug their device to the TV via HDMI to get a semi console experience.

With the ability to run Google Stadia on Xbox Series X, fans can skip that and just play straight from their next-generation console with little to no problem.

While many fans speculate that Microsoft could look into closing this hole, there is no reason why it should be done. Fans who want to use Stadia can do so, and as its running from a website, the tech giant will have a hard time blocking said website on their console.

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