Gran Turismo 7 Japanese Pamphlet Shares Additional Details About Game

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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A Twitter user spotted a Gran Turismo 7 pamphlet being given out in Japan for anyone to pick up. The material outlines and shares further details about various aspects of the game and answers a lot of questions that fans may not have gotten the answers to in previous coverage of the game.

Here are a few new details you may not know about Gran Turismo 7

Japanese Twitter user bookkyamp spotted the following pamphlet in Japan, and in the multi-fold piece of advertising, it talked about various aspects and facets of Gran Turismo 7.

If you don’t want to translate the individual tweets, here are all the points from each tweet.

  • There will be unique events that are different from the regular races such as Zeroyon Showdown, Drift, Fastest Challenge, Music Rally to Race to Music. A special event where players have to race 0-400m and music?
  • The game has a tuning shop where you can adjust the engine, tyre, brake, suspension, and more. You can also buy supercharger, turbocharger, weight reduction and improved rigidity kits.
  • Over 400 cars and 90 tracks across 40 countries across the world.
  • You can compete in world circuits such as Le Mans and Nürburgringand the return of Trail mountain.
  • In Gran Turismo auto, players will have access to 130 types of tyres, 600 aero parts. You can change the oil of your car, give it a car wash and edit the paint and color of your car.
  • Your in-game garage can store 1000 cars at capacity.
  • There will be more than 300 cars to purchase that are made after 2011 from 60 manufacturers. Used car dealers will sell 80’s and 90’s cars with it being updated on a daily basis.

The changes are pretty substantial and it is easily one of the biggest entries in the series since Gran Turismo 5 and 6 on the PS3. Gran Turismo Sport on the PS4 had a few modest offerings, but 7 will be a full-fledged title release.

Here are the images of the pages of the pamphlet.

Gran Turismo 7 is launching on March 4, 2022, for the PS4 and PS5, but it will also be last cross-gen title that will be published by Sony. Alongside God of War: Ragnarok and Horizon: Forbidden West.

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