30 BEST Weapons in GTA 5 Online, Ranked

Unleash Chaos: GTA 5 Online's Top 30 Weapons Revealed!

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Having the police chase you around in GTA 5 starts to get cumbersome after a while. Nothing worse than getting gunned down in the middle of a free-roam mission, or having your tires shot out. Whilst the cops aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, with our list of the 30 best weapons in GTA 5, they’ll be second-guessing going up against you.

We’ve run through the paces, blown up a lot of cars, and even messed with a few RP players here and there throughout our entire selection process. So, before you go ahead and enable Passive Mode like the pacifist you are, here are the top 30 weapons to have in your arsenal!


Heavy Sniper MK II

Sniper MK II

Upgrades: Incendiary Ammo, Explosive Ammo, Heavy Barrel, Muzzle Break, and Advanced Scope.
Price: $38,150 – $165,375
Rank: 90

Added as part of the 1.40 Gunrunning Pack update. The Heavy Sniper MK II is an upgrade to the Heavy Sniper purchasable at the Weapon Workshop once the original has been unlocked.

The MK II is arguably the most powerful, accurate, and long-ranged weapon in all of GTA Online. The MK II has a DPS of 57.5 – 319.7, with an RPM of 50. However, it has an accuracy rating of 90%! This is especially true once you have upgraded the weapon.

The Incednary Ammo is especially good against personnel, whilst the Explosive Ammo is crucial for using the MK II as an anti-light-vehicle weapon. The Incendiary Ammo will allow you to destroy police cars in pursuit. The Advance-Scope paired with the Thermal Lense helmet provides both thermal-imaging as well as the much-needed binocular power of the Advanced-Scope.




Upgrades: None
Price: $730,000
Rank: None

The infamous Railgun was added to GTA Online on January 12, 2023, as part of the Los Santos Drug Wars Update. So if you want the newest weaponry GTA Online has to offer, head over to the Gun Van and purchase this beast.

Whilst the price might be eye-brow raising, the fun you’ll have with this weapon will more than justify it. The Railgun has a DPS of 225 with direct hits and 50 with edge hits. Furthermore, it has a high RPM of 300. The Railgun has proven itself one of the best weapons a player can have in their arsenal for destroying vehicles, as it takes only one shot from the Railgun to destroy cars, planes, helicopters, and boats.



“Go ahead, say I’m compensating for something. I dare you!.” – Weapon Description

Upgrades: None
Price: $449,000
Rank: None

The Widowmaker is another exceptional addition to the Heavy Weapons class. This cannon is effective against cars, planes, helicopters, and other players. It is especially effective in situations where players have become overwhelmed by a large number of attackers, be that police or other players, the Widowmaker will allow you to fire upon multiple enemies at once, either suppressing them or killing them outright, as well as potentially destroying their vehicles.

Moreover, the main benefit of the Widowmaker is its lack of recoil, making it incredibly easy to use. This lack of recoil allows players to effectively take down Police helicopters, just by shooting at the tail-end of the vehicle.

With a DPS of 24-51 and an insane RPM of 3000, it performs basically as a fun reskin of the Minigun, its damage, and other stats are identical.



“…no ammo, no mag, just one brutal energy pulse after another.” – Weapon Description

Upgrades: None
Price: $399,000
Rank: None

The Up-n-Atomizer was added to GTA Online as part of the 1.46 Arena War update on January 1, 2019. Whilst the Atomizer is not the most powerful explosive weapon available, it does have infinite ammo, making it insanely reliable in all situations. More importantly, the Up-n-Atomizer has a splash effect when firing upon vehicles or firing at the ground, throwing players from their bikes, or sending their vehicles off course.

Therefore, the Up-n-Atomizer is an incredibly unique and powerful weapon for immobilizing players and NPC’s allowing you to either finish them off with the Up-n-Atomizer or with a more effective weapon. Additionally, the Up-n-Atomizer has a DPS of 5-10 and an RPM of 30.


Unholy Hellbringer

Unholy Hellbringer

Upgrades: None
Price: $449,000
Rank: None

Added to GTA Online as part of the 1.46 Arena War update on January 8, 2019, this is an enjoyable and devastating weapon and a great addition to your arsenal. The Republican Space Ranger’s Sci-Fi Unholy Hellbringer packs a fierce punch for a light machine gun, accompanied by satisfying futuristic light beams and sounds.

The Unholy Hellbringer is effectively a light and mobile version of the Widowmaker, providing less firepower and damage in return for greater mobility. Therefore, the Unholy Hellbringer is a great alternative to the Widowmaker in situations that require you to be mobile, as well as those that do not require the anti-vehicle potential of the Widowmaker. However, the Hellbringer does boast a slightly higher DPS at 36-76.6, but a far slower RPM of 556.


Assault Shotgun

Upgrades: Extended Clip, Grip, Flashlight, and Suppressor.
Price: $10,000
Rank: 37

The Assault Shotgun is a staple gun of Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online, being part of the base game. It’s powerful, fully automatic, and has a high rate of fire.

In GTA Online, this automatic shotgun is unlocked at Rank 37 and has an average DPS of 96-192 and an RPM of 240.

The Assault Shotgun is best used with the Extended Clip, turning the shotgun from an 8-shot to a 32-shot weapon. Additionally, the Grip is essential for increasing both the accuracy and stability of the weapon. Lastly, you can choose to equip the Suppressor and Flashlight attachments.


Heavy Shotgun

Upgrades: Drum Magazine, and Grip
Price: $13,550
Rank: None

The Heavy Shotgun was added to Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online as part of the 1.17 Last Team Standing update on October 2, 2014. This automatic-firing shotgun deals huge damage to those unfortunate enough to be at the receiving end. The poor accuracy of this weapon makes it a classic spray-and-pray weapon, just close your eyes and shoot til it clicks.

The Heavy Shotgun has an average DPS of 93.6 and can range anywhere between 58.5 DPS and 351 DPS depending on the accuracy of the shooting. Therefore, this is an extremely powerful close-quarters weapon in the right hands. Additionally, the Heavy Shotgun has a reasonable RPM of 200, meaning it fires relatively quickly for a shotgun.


AP Pistol

Upgrades: Extended Clip, Flashlight, and Suppressor
Price: $5,000
Rank: Rank 33

The AP Pistol boasts the highest fire rate of the Handguns, making it an effective weapon in both Story Mode and Online Mode. Furthermore, the AP Pistol has a high level of accuracy, rated at 45%, meaning that you will be able to output insane amounts of damage incredibly quickly and accurately. Therefore, if you’re wanting a weapon that guarantees you stay competitive whilst driving a vehicle, this is the perfect weapon.

The AP Pistol has an average DPS of 20, which is relatively low. However, the AP has an RPM of 600! Meaning that you can effectively fire 600 rounds at 20 points of damage each minute (12,000 points of damage!). We recommend that you equip the 36-round Extended Clip, as this will increase the number of rounds before you have to reload.


Marksman Rifle MK II

Marksman Rifle MKII

Upgrades: Tracer Rounds, Incendiary Rounds, Armor Piercing Rounds, Full Metal Jacket Rounds, Holographic Sight, Tactical Muzzle Brake, Precision Muzzle Brake, Heavy Barrel, and Grip.
Price: $149,000
Rank: None

The Marksman Rifle MK II was among the first weapons to be added to Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online, as part of the Doomsday Heist update. This rifle is the MK II version of the standard Marksman Rifle, providing a variety of customizable differences and benefits over the original gun.

Furthermore, the MK II is also roughly 10 points of damage more powerful than the Marksman Rifle and retains a far greater amount of damage against players. Lastly, it has the overperforation ability, which allows bullets to pass through players and hit other players. You will first need to purchase the Marksman Rifle, then head over to the Weapon Workshop, and convert it to the MK II. Afterward, you can go straight to customizing this rifle using any number of its many upgrades.


Precision Rifle

Precision Rifle

Upgrades: None
Price: $450,000
Rank: None

Added to GTA Online following the 1.61 Criminal Enterprises update on July 26, 2022, this rifle is one of the most powerful ranged weapons Grand Theft Auto V has to offer. However, unlike most weapons, it can not be modified with attachments.

The Precision Rifle has the same fire rate as the standard Sniper Rifle, meaning you can expect the same amount of time between each shot. Likewise, the Precision Rifle requires up to four body shots to kill other players, with this number decreasing depending on headshots.

As a result, the Precision Rifle has often come under heavy criticism for lacking the power and speed expected of a Heavy Rifle. However, the relative ease at which this gun can be obtained, and the added mobility of having Iron Sights, make this rifle worth the purchase for close combat, over the long-ranged Sniper Rifle.


Classic Sniper Rifle

Classic Sniper Rifle

Upgrades: Advanced Scope, and Suppressor.
Price: $20,000
Rank: None

The Iconic Sniper Rifle is available in Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online. As it is available to all players and extremely cheap, this is a great alternative to our number one gun on this list, as it is a great starter sniper rifle for new players.

To maximize the potential of the classic Sniper Rifle you will want to purchase the Advance Scope, as this will provide far greater binocular power, something that newer players will surely benefit from, as it will be far easier to get kills. You’ll want to fully upgrade this weapon to benefit from its RPM of 38 and rage of 1500 m.


MG (Machine Gun)

“Remember – no Russian.”– Makarov

Upgrades: Extended Clip, and Scope.
Price: $13,000
Rank: 50

Want a weapon that will fire hundreds of bullets and look badass whilst doing it? Look no further than the MG. This fully-automatic heavy machine gun is sure to make an impression on whoever is unlucky enough to be on the receiving end.

The MG does roughly 20-40 damage per second, with a fire rate of 438 rounds per minute. Furthermore, you can upgrade the magazine size from 54 rounds to 100 rounds with the Extended Clip. Additionally, for long-range firing, you can equip the Scope, which provides an extended field of view.

If you need mid-range suppressing power or need to clear a group of enemies, be sure to pick up the MG.


Service Carbine

Service Carbine

Upgrades: Extended 60 Round Clip, Grip, Suppressor, and Flashlight.
Price: $370,000
Rank: None

The Service Carbine is a GTA Online exclusive, added as part of the 1.61 Criminal Enterprises update on August 25, 2022. Based on the real M16 A1 Rifle, known popularly within the media for its prevalent use during the Vietnam conflict.

This gun can be made by collecting hidden weapon components that appear around the GTA Online map, finding them all will allow you to assemble the Service Carbine. However, if you’re wishing to get straight into action this great Assault Rifle can be purchased from Ammu-Nation.

As a classic weapon, the Service Carbine does not come equipped with a large number of upgrades. However, to make use of the weapons 27.8 DPS and 444 RPM, it is best to purchase these upgrades: the Extended Clip (60 rounds from 30), and the Grip. Doing so will increase your firepower and your accuracy and stability.


Carbine Rifle

Carbine Rifle

Upgrades: Extended Clip, Box Clip, Grip, Suppressor, and Scope.
Price: $13,000
Rank: 42

The Carbine Rifle is another classic weapon featured in both Story Mode and Online Mode. Heavily customizable and reliable, this should be stapled weaponry in your arsenal. I’m sure everyone reading has at some point relied on this weapon throughout their time in Los Santos.

The Carbine comes equipped with an average DPS of 25.6 and 444 RPM, similar to the Service Carbine, but with slightly less damage. For maximum effect, we recommend equipping the 100-round Box Clip upgrade, the Grip, and the mid-range Scope. Ultimately, these attachments will allow for longer sustained firing power, and increased range and accuracy.


Special Carbine MK II

Special Carbine

Upgrades: Holographic Sight, Large Scope, Heavy Barrel, Split-End Muzzle Brake, and Grip.
Price: $135,000
Rank: None

Another great Doomsday Heist weapon is the Special Carbine MK II. This rifle is an upgraded variant of the standard issue Special Carbine; boasting greater firepower and customization. The MK II Carbine offers 5 different clip and ammunition types, three scopes, eight barrel attachments, a Heavy Barrel, and a Grip.

The Special Carbine MK II has a relatively high DPS of 26, and the same RPM as the other assault rifles on our list, at 444 RPM. To obtain this weapon, you will need to purchase the standard Special Carbine, and then convert it at the Weapon Workshop. Once obtained, you’ll be able to upgrade the weapon with attachments.

We recommend the Holographic Sight for close-quarters combat and the Large Scope for long-range combat. And, we recommend the Heavy Barrel equipped with the Split-End Muzzle Brake; this will provide increased damage and reduced recoil.


Assault Rifle

Assault Rifle

Upgrades: 100-round Drum Magazine, Grip, and Scope.
Price: $8,550
Rank: 24

Modeled after the infamous AK-47, this iconic rifle is the perfect starting weapon for low-ranked players. It also happens to be one of the most iconic Grand Theft Auto weapons available, having appeared in GTA III, San Andreas, Liberty City, Vice City, GTA IV, and finally GTA V.

The Assault Rifle has an average DPS of 24-51 and a rate of 380 RPM, meaning the weapon is slower on average than most rifles in Grand Theft Auto Online. However, the high damage of this weapon more than makes up for its low rate of fire.

Numerous upgrades can be put upon the Assault Rifle; the Drum Magazine (100 rounds from 30 rounds), Grip, and Scope. These upgrades will give you maximum stability, firepower, and accuracy.


Compact Rifle

Compact Rifle

Upgrades: Drum Magazine, and Extended Clip
Price: $14,650
Rank: None

The Assault Rifle’s flashier little cousin. The Compact Rifle was added to GTA Online as part of the 1.33 Lowerriders Custom Classics, and is available to new players straight from the start of the game, costing very little. New players should be able to rob a handful of stores and afford this exceptional pocket rifle; this is a small yet powerful Assault Rifle, packing impressive power for its size.

The Compact Rifle has an average DPS of 27-57.8 depending on the hit location, and an impressive fire rate of 380 RPM. Therefore, the Compact Rifle is as powerful as the Assault Rifle. However, it does have roughly 10% less accuracy but makes up for it with roughly 6% greater damage.


Gusenberg Sweeper

“Leave the gun, take the cannoli!” – Clemenza
Upgrades: Extended Clip
Price: $14,000
Rank: None

Fans of Rockstar’s Mafia series will be dying to get their hands on this classic machine gun. Commonly known as the Tommy Gun, this weapon was added to GTA Online following the 1.10 Valentine’s Day Massacre update on February 13, 2014.

The Sweeper has a surprisingly high average DPS of 27.2 and an incredibly high fire rate of 556 RPM. However, you are limited to a single upgrade, that being the Extended Clip, increasing your clip size from 30 rounds to 50. Considering the low price, and high performance this is a must-have weapon in your arsenal, even just for when you’re wanting to RP!


Homing Launcher

Homing Launcher

Upgrades: None
Price: $75,000
Rank: None

Have you seen all the space-age weaponry? Not a fan? Want something traditional that you know will do severe damage? The Homing Launcher is what you need! Destroy every and any vehicle in your path with heat-seeking accuracy. Added as part of the 1.19 Festive Surprise 2014 update, this thing couldn’t be any less festive.

A direct hit with the Homing Launcher will do 500 points of damage, whilst an indirect hit will cause only 50 DPS. Therefore, you will need to ensure that you hit your targets true. If you do, you’ll do insanely high damage per shot. Lastly, the Homing Launcher has a relatively high RPM of 75.


Compact Grenade Launcher

Upgrades: None
Price: $45,000
Rank: None

The very definition of a hand cannon! Rockstar added this fun little weapon in the 1.36 Bikers update on October 4, 2016. Exclusively purchasable in GTA Online from Ammu-Nation shops, and immediately available from Rank 1. It packs a powerful punch with huge damage, which more than makes up for its laughable accuracy.

Similar to the Homing Luancher, the Compact Grenade Launcher does 500 DPS on direct hits and 50 DPS on edge shots. Therefore, you’ll want to try and be as accurate as possible to maximize your DPS. However, bear in mind that the Grenade Launcher has an accuracy rating of 15% meaning it is a hard weapon to master.

Unfortunately, this weapon doesn’t have any attachments. But let’s be honest, what else could you possibly want?


Assault SMG

Assault SMG

Upgrades: Extended Clip, and Scope
Type: SMG
Rank: 29

The Assault SMG, originally from Grand Theft Auto IV, is an average weapon with reasonable damage and accuracy. However, the SMG does boast an above-average fire rate, making it a high-capacity, compact, and lightweight weapon.

You can pick up this compact sub-machine gun for free in GTA Story Mode, but you will need to reach Rank 29 Online before you can purchase it. However, once obtained you can expect a relatively high average DPS of 18.4-57.5 and an incredibly high RPM of 462. Therefore, what it lacks in average DPS, it more than makes up for it in rounds per minute.

We recommend upgrading the Assault SMG as purchasing these attachments will allow you to get the most out of this fantastic little weapon, increasing accuracy and firepower.


Combat PDW

Combat PDW

Upgrades: Drum Magazine, Scope, and Grip
Price: $11,750
Rank: None

The Combat PDW was added to Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online as part of the 1.27 Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1 update on June 10, 2015. The PDW is another Level 1 Online unlock, allowing new players to jump straight into the action with an accurate and fast-firing machine gun. All new players should have this in their weapon wheel at all times.

The Combat PDW has an average DPS of 22.4 – 70 and an impressive RPM of 444. Therefore, this gun competes with many of its more expensive counterparts and holds its own even at higher levels. To fully benefit from the power of this weapon, we recommend equipping the 100-round Drum Magazine, Scope, and Grip.




Upgrades: Drum Magazine, and Scope
Price: $7,500
Rank: 11

Another classic Grand Theft Auto series weapon, first appearing in GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas. In Story Mode, the SMG becomes available after the Franklin and Lamar mission and is available at Rank 11 in GTA Online. The SMG has a low DPS but an extremely high fire rate, making it the perfect hit-and-run weapon.

The SMG has an average DPS of 17.6 and can do a maximum of 55 DPS. However, the SMG has a fire rate of 508 RPM, one of the highest on this list. Therefore, the SMG’s high fire rate and reasonable accuracy make up for its low damage, making it a great early-game weapon.

We recommend that you equip the 100-round Drum Magazine to take advantage of the SMG’s high RPM, and the Scope to increase the accuracy further.


Heavy Revolver

Upgrades: None
Price: $5,900
Rank: None

The Dirty Harry of Pistols. This hand cannon was added as part of the 1.31 Executives and Other Criminals update on December 15, 2015. Cheap, reliable, and powerful; this beast of a handgun will stop anyone in its tracks. Unlocked at Rank 1, new players can fend off their enemies with ease.

When we say this gun packs a serious punch, we are not lying; the Heavy Revolver has an average DPS of 136-256, meaning this is often a one-shot weapon. However, due to the style of the pistol, it has a very slow fire rate of 33 RPM. So get practicing, because you’re going to want to his every shot with this weapon!


Pistol .50

Pistol .50
“Bullet-Tooth Tony and his friend, Desert Eagle.50.” – Vinny

Upgrades: Extended Clip
Price: $3,900
Rank: None

The Pistol .50 designed after the Desert Eagle is as impressive as its real-life counterpart. Boasting great accuracy and damage, you’ll be safe taking on the toughest opponents with this gun.

The Pistol. 50 has a reasonable DPS of 40.8 and a high RPM of 115. Meaning that it will only require a handful of shots to kill an enemy player, and with an accuracy rating of 55%, you’ll have no trouble hitting your target. Additionally, you can equip a flashlight or Suppressor. We recommend that you equip the Extended Clip to bring your clip size from 9 to 12 rounds.


Mini SMG

Mini SMG

Upgrades: Extended Magazine
Price: $8,900
Rank: None

The Mini SMG is the perfect passenger: Drive-bys will never have been so easy with this little machine gun by your side. First appearing in the 1.36 Bikers update on October 4, 2016, this gun boasts an incredible rate of fire. While its magazine size is woefully small, providing only 20 bullets, the gun is customizable with attachments such as an Extended Magazine.

The Mini SMG has an average DPS of 17.6, but an RPM of 652! This is by far the highest rate of fire for any gun on our list thus far. Therefore, what you may be lacking in damage, you can more than make up for in firepower.


Micro SMG

Micro SMG

Upgrades: Extended Clip, and Scope
Price: $3,750
Rank: 5

The Micro SMG is the slower and less fun cousin of the Mini SMG. Whilst, it is a Grand Theft Auto series classic, its lower fire rate leaves it wanting. However, the Micro SMG is among the few weapons that can be found around the map in GTA Online.

The Micro SMG is slightly less powerful than the Mini SMG, with a DPS of 16.8, and a lower RPM of 600. Unfortunately, the Micro SMG shares the same accuracy as the Mini SMG, so it is not better in that regard. However, the Micro SMG does have a few extra attachment upgrades. We recommend equipping the Extended 30 round Clip, and the Scope. These attachments will provide greater power and accuracy.


Vintage Pistol

Vintage Pistol

Price: $3,450
Rank: None

The Vintage Pistol is one of the more attractive weapons requiring no visual customization, as it comes ready with a polished silver finish, pearl grips, and engravings. This beautiful pistol was added in the 1.14 I’m Not a Hipster update on June 17, 2014. It can be acquired in Story Mode for $3,450 after the Mr. Philips mission. The Vintage Pistol is free in the original version of GTA V but will cost you if you’re playing on the Enhanced Version.

The Vintage Pistol is most effective at close-range, with an average accuracy rating of 40% and an average DPS of 27.2. Additionally, you can expect a relatively high rate of fire at 150 RPM. We recommend equipping the 14-round Extended Clip, and the Suppressor (for that James Bond style).


Navy Revolver

Upgrades: None
Price: Mission Unlock
Rank: None

The Navy Revolver is one of the more exciting weapons on our list as this weapon is a bonus reward granted in GTA Online after solving the Los Santos Slasher Mystery and killing the serial killer himself. There are plenty of tutorials on how this can be completed. The Revolver has impressive damage and reasonable accuracy for such an old weapon. Worth adding to your arsenal, if not just for the chance to solve a murder mystery.

The Navy Revolver has a surprisingly high DPS of 136-160, meaning you can potentially kill players with a single shot. However, as this is a vintage-style pistol, the Navy Revolver has an RPM of 45. So, you’ll have to make those 6 shots count.


Double-Action Revolver

Double Action Revolver

Upgrades: None
Price: Promotional
Rank: None

Our final entry is the Double-Action Revolver, added in the 1.42 The Doomsday Heist update. This is another bonus reward weapon, requiring players to participate in a treasure hunt challenge. Again, tutorials are available and recommended. However, this is a great promotional item for Red Dead Redemption 2 and an even greater addition to your arsenal. This revolver is a true flashback to the promotional gold weapons available in the original Red Dead Redemption.

The Double-Action Revolver is similar to the Navy Revolver in its style but performs completely differently. The Double-Action Revolver has a DPS of 68.9-81, significantly lower than its promotional counterpart. However, the Double-Action Revolver has a far higher RPM at 129. Therefore, this is for those gun-slingers that prefer speed over fire-power.

Now get down to Ammu-Nation!

GTA V‘s arsenal of weapons is one of the most notable features of the iconic game, and the 30 weapons highlighted in this article are some of the best the game has to offer. From the classics to the bizarre and the Sci-Fi, these weapons provide players with the tools they need to take on any challenge that the game throws their way.

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