GTA 5 Online Strip Club: Ultimate Guide (2023)

Get some $$$ ready to throw.

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GTA Strip Clubs have been a staple feature throughout the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing in almost all games in some form. However, GTA 5 is the first in the series to turn strip clubs into an interactive feature within the game, rather than simple scandalous bars. Plus, it might just be a great business investment, and make you some good money on the side!

This guide will give you the rundown on GTA V’s Vanilla Unicorn!

The Strip Joint

Strip Club Guide 1

In both GTA Online and Story Mode, you can visit the Los Santos strip club The Vanilla Unicorn. You’ll find GTA’s strip club on Elgin Avenue in Strawberry, south of the Los Santos city center, just so you know where not to go!

Strip Club Location GTA 5

Once inside, you can interact with the staff and dancers in the usual GTA fashion. However, you’ll be able to purchase a ‘private dance’ from one of the 8 dancers, this’ll cost you roughly $40. Rockstar has made this experience somewhat interactive, with you having to touch and flirt with the dancers throughout the private dance. However, if you’re too over the top with either you’re liable to be removed by the in-game club bouncers. You’re also able to throw money at the strippers as they’re dancing.

There’s not much else as far as interaction involved in GTA’s strip club, but it’s an interesting and controversial addition to the game regardless.

The Stripclub Mini Game

GTA Stripper Mini Game

As we previously mentioned, you can pay $40 in-game to receive a lapdance from any of the 8 dancers. When you’re getting a lapdance you’ll see there is a “like” bar at the bottom right corner of the screen. To fill this bar you’ll need to successfully touch and flirt with the dancer. You’ll be prompted to press “A” to flirt and the right trigger to touch.

However, you’ll need to pay close attention to the club’s security, as if they catch you touching the dancers you’ll be thrown out and the mini-game ends. But, if you get the “like” bar to the maximum, you’ll have the option of taking the stripper home.

Additionally, you’ll need to pick your dancer carefully, as whilst there are 8 individual dancers only 4 can be successfully taken home. The dancers that you can complete the mini-game with are Infernus, Sapphire, Juliet, and Nikki. If you successfully avoid the bouncers you can take any one of these dancers home, completing the mini-game.

Stocks and Investing

Strip Club Guide 2

The LCN or Liberty City National Exchange is a stock exchange available throughout Grand Theft Auto V, including its online mode. Through the use of your in-game phone’s internet browser, you can invest in 40 markets and businesses, one of which is the Vanilla Unicorn strip club.

Based on the New York Stock Exchange you’ll be purchasing stock in businesses such as the strip club and playing the market like a real stockbroker. You’ll have to follow graph trends and predict the movement of the market to make a profit on your investments.

Or you know, buy low sell high, something like that.

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