GTA Online: How to Do Payphone Hits

Dialing up destruction in GTA's payphone missions

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GTA Online’s Payphone Hits missions are great solo and multiplayer Free Roam activities to complete as part of The Contract Update, providing great monetary, XP, and miscellaneous item rewards for their completion. You’ll be able to find out in this article, how they’re unlocked, which missions are available, and what you can expect to receive as a reward for their completion.

What are Payphone Hits in GTA Online?

Security Contracts F. Clinton & Partner
This Contract Agency is co-owned by Franklin Clinton, from Grand Theft Auto V’s Story Mode.

GTA Online Payphone Hits are a set of Free Roam missions that were added alongside the Security Contracts from The Contract Update. As they’re free-roam missions, you’ll need to have previously purchased some form of Organization, or a Motorcycle Club, as you’ll need access to the CEO’s computer that accompanies them.

As you’ve probably guessed from the name, security contracts require you to protect the cargo or shipments of various Los Santos businesses. Furthermore, there are five types of contracts to expect: Gang Termination, Liquidize Assets, Recover Valuables, and Rescue Operation.

Therefore, there is a healthy variety among the contracts to prevent these from just being a relentless grind before you get to do the missions you’re really wanting to do.

How to Unlock Payphone Hits in GTA Online

Once you have access to a CEO computer, Franklin will guide you toward the security contracts, so it’s quite hard to miss the. After you’ve completed three contracts you’ll unlock the Payphone Hits missions via a phone call from Franklin.

If you continue completing contracts you can expect to unlock discounts on various vehicles for each five you complete.

Lastly, if you’re wanting to complete every single Payphone Hits mission, it’s important that you find some Organization or Motorcycle Club members to help, as two of the hits are only available when playing with two or more teammates.

The Missions

Lost Santos Locations
All Payphone locations in the city of Los Santos, go to any to start a hit.

There are currently 8 individual Payphone Hits available in GTA Online. Therefore, the Hit List is as follows: The Ceo, The Cofounder, The Popstar, The Judge, The Tech Entrepreneur, The Dealers, The Trolls, and The Hitmen.

  • The CEO: This hit will take place on a construction site, and you’re incentivized to make the hit appear as an industrial accident.
  • The Cofounder: You’ll be assigned to assassinate a man exiting a motel, if you destroy his vehicle with him inside, you’ll receive the bonus.
  • The Popstar: You’ll need to pull off drive-by shootings, intimidation, and destruction for this mission.
  • The Judge: Head to the Los Santos Golf Club for this assassination, if you use a Golf Club you’ll get a bonus.
  • The Tech Entrepreneur: This mission is basically the same as the previous hotel mission. However, if you use a taxi for the mission, you’ll receive a bonus.
  • The Dealers: Assassinate four Juggalos, with two of your friends, to complete this mission.
  • The Trolls: This is a timed mission, in which you have 15 minutes to kill your targets. Bonuses are centered around completion time.
  • The Hitmen: This is the second of the missions that require an additional two players, with the objective being to take out all the members of the Professionals crime syndicate.

These missions can be activated at any of the Payphone locations, and the majority can be done solo. But if you’re wanting to complete The Dealers and The Hitmen missions, you’ll need to buddy up with a couple of friends, or random players from the lobby.


Blaine County Locations
All Payphone locations in Blaine County, traveling to any will fire a hit mission.

Completing Payphone hits will reward you with an initial $15,000 reward. However, if you manage to achieve the bonuses, you’ll receive an extra $70,000. That works out to about $650,000 for completing all 8 missions, assuming you’ve achieved the bonuses.

However, there is a 20-minute cooldown before another hit can be requested after you’ve completed the previous one.

Furthermore, you can expect to receive office trophies for completing each mission, these will appear in your Agency office. The rewards for each mission are:

  • The CEO – A Construction Helmet.
  • The Cofounder – A Sticky Bomb.
  • The Popstar – A scale model of the Annis Euros.
  • The Judge – A golf tee and gold ball.
  • The Tech Entrepreneur – A scale model of a Taxi.
  • The Dealers – A Merryweather Cap.
  • The Hitmen – A Coil trophy.
  • The Trolls – An iFruit Laptop with bullet holes through it.

However, to get these specific awards you must complete the bonus objectives previously discussed, otherwise, you’ll miss out on the extra $70,000, and these cool little decoration pieces.

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