High on Life Campaign Length: EXPLAINED

Find out how long this wacky FPS is!

Umer Cheema
Umer Cheema
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High on Life Length: How Long to Beat

Since the game recently came out, players are wondering how long it will take to beat the main story. Usually, games like this aren’t that long since they focus more on the humor and comedy part. So, what is High on Life’s length? Let’s find out!

High on Life’s playtime is around 8-15 hours, depending on your difficulty and whether you choose to do the side quests.

High on Life is a wacky first-person shooter that is created by Justin Roiland – the creator of Rick and Morty. It features various weapons that feel incredibly satisfying to use since you can interact with them and talk to them. So, what can you do in the game to fill out this playtime?

How Long is High on Life

High on Life gameplay

Depending on what difficulty you are playing on, you might have a different playtime than us. Plus, the game also features a few side content like extra missions and various collectibles. We have listed down the average time for completion depending on the things you do:

  • Main Story: 8 hours
  • Main + Side Story: 10.5 – 11 hours
  • Completionist: 15 hours

However, for most, High on Life will be completed in 8-10 hours if you only focus on the bounties. Also, finding certain collectibles can be quite a hassle and can add up to your total playtime as well.

Total Bounties

The game has seven bounties (chapters) of varying lengths. Depending on how quickly you blast through the bounties, you can complete the game even quicker than mentioned. However, the time of completion for the game will be around the one mentioned above.

If you are curious, these are the chapters in High on Life (possible spoilers!):

  • 9-Torg
  • Krubis
  • Douglas
  • Skrendel Brothers
  • Dr Giblets
  • Nipulon
  • Garmantuous

Keep in mind that every bounty is a somewhat linear mission where you cannot get lost. Plus, you need to complete the previous bounty to unlock the next one. Every mission grants you various rewards as well. Most of them will give you talking guns that will help you take out enemies even faster.

Also, you will sometimes have to complete a non-bounty objective between these bounties to progress. You can check your current objective by pressing up on the D-pad.


And there you have it; that is everything you need to know about High on Life’s length. The game can take between 8-15 hours to complete depending on the difficulty and how many quests you do. It might take a bit longer if you are stuck at a particular area but that should add a maximum of an hour to the playtime.

What are your thoughts about the game so far? Did you want the game to be longer or is the playtime ideal? Let us know in the comments below!

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