High On Life Potentially Coming To PS4 and PS5

Could The Title Be Taking A New Destination?

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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  • The title is in the PlayStation Store backend
  • Previously exclusive to Xbox consoles and PC
  • No official announcement yet

High On Life is a game that was released at the very end of 2022 and was a mixed bag from fans with many appreciating the unique shooting and traversal mechanics of the game with the writing being the biggest bone of contention. The title was previously exclusive to the Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC but the game has been spotted in the PlayStation Store backend and could be coming to the PlayStation consoles.

High On Life – Coming To The Sony Side?

High On Life is a game that you may or may not remember. It was a title that made rounds last year and early 2023 for many reasons, one of them being a unique way of presenting the FPS genre with a comedic twist. On Orbispatches, a site that lists all of the content that is not yet visible on the PlayStation Store for the PS4 or PS5, we get a look at High On Life. While the Publisher is Unknown, when you click on the publisher on the website, it shows that the other game under their name is Trevor Saves the Universe, another title developed and published by Squanch Games.

Best High on Life Graphics Settings to Increase FPS

An official announcement is missing for the most part and while it would be good to see High On LIfe reach other platforms, we should still take this news with a small grain of salt.

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