The Highest Damage Pals in Palworld, Ranked

Find out which Pals hit like a truck.

Umer Cheema
Umer Cheema
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There are a lot of Pals in Palworld but if you want to focus on a fighting comp, you’ll want to have Pals that can deal damage. That is why we will show you the highest damage Pals in Palworld.

Keep in mind that the base attack damage stat isn’t everything. Some Pals have strong abilities that can deal a lot of damage. With that said, let’s dive right in and get started.



Warsect as one of the best breeding combinations in Palworld.

Starting our list with a strong Pal – Warsect. This Pal has high damage and a lot of defense which makes it great in combat.

You can use it to tank a few strong hits from enemies and expect Warsect to live. The best part is that you can catch one relatively early in the game and level it up as you progress.

Warsect is one of the best fighting Pals you can get your hands on for the early-mid game as there is hardly any Pal better than it during that phase.




Moving on to the next entry, Shadowbeak is a great damage dealer as well as a wonderful flying mount. You can expect traversal to be made easier once you catch this Pal.

The best part is that this Pal has high melee and skill damage. This makes it ideal against Neutral-type Pals thanks to its strong Nightmare Ball.

Thanks to its high speed, you can expect Shadowbeak to strike multiple times while the opposing Pal looks on.


Jormuntide Ignis

Jormuntide Ignis - Kindling Pals Palworld Feature

While you can include the standard Jormuntide here, I decided to go with the Ignis version since it has a bit more damage.

This is the fire version of Jormuntide which makes it quite strong as it is effective against two types of Pals (ice and grass).

Since fire Pals are strong in the game, it is only natural that Jormuntide Ignis is on this list. Apart from its high melee damage, you can expect tons of skill damage as well.



Orserk - Best Pals Generating Electricity Palworld

Orserk is a cool-looking Pal that has great skill damage. During the late game, this is going to be your main Electric-type Pal since it has strong abilities and good melee damage.

Plus, having the Lord of the Lightning passive, Orserk deals 20% more electric damage than other Pals; making it even stronger.

Some of its attacks are AoE skills which makes it easy to take on multiple foes in a dungeon or boss battle.



Astegon - Flying Mounts Palworld

In terms of Pal design, this one has one of the most menacing designs I’ve seen in Palworld. Luckily, that’s not everything it is capable of.

Astegon has a lot of base damage as well as high-skill damage. Plus, you can use it for mining and it will quickly mine ore for you.

Usually, Astegon has amazing stats which means that you’ll find a good one when you catch it. The best part is that its defense is quite high as well which makes it a good Pal for combat.



A photo of Paladius, the best mount in Palworld

Moving on to one half of the legendary duo – Paladius. As you can see from its design, Paladius is more focused on defense thanks to having a large shield.

However, it still has extremely high damage especially when it uses its abilities. The best part is that this Pal has more than 10,000 HP which makes it extremely strong in combat.

Skills like Blizzard Spike are what make Paladius one of the strongest in the game.



Necromus - Mining Pals Palworld Feature

Necromus is the second half of the legendary duo and this Pal is more focused on attack rather than defense.

Skills like Dark Laser and Twin Spears make Necromus a fierce Pal as it can almost one-shot any Pal that is weak to it.

While it doesn’t have as much HP as its other half, Necormus almost has 9000 HP which makes him quite sturdy in combat.




Jetragon is one of my favorite Pals because it is similar to Latios from Pokemon. It is a legendary Dragon-type Pal that has tons of HP and damage.

Plus, it is one of the fastest flying mounts, which will make traveling easier for you. Some of its skills like the Dragon Meteor, Fire Ball, and Beam Comet are extremely useful against certain Pals.

You can easily take out tougher boss battles thanks to Jetragon as well. Plus, these abilities are made even stronger thanks to the Divine Dragon passive due to it being a legendary Pal.

Just watch out for Ice-type Pals since they are super effective against Dragon-types and can melt Jetragon despite its high HP.




If you get good RNG, you can get a Blazamut with excellent stats such as Flame Emperor. He has some of the highest damaging fire skills in Palworld.

While Jetragon has stronger abilities than Blazamut, he has more base attack damage. In terms of melee combat, it doesn’t get better than Balzamut.

If Blazamut hits its Fire Ball or Ignis Rage against a Grass or Ice Pal, you can expect it to one-shot the enemy.

Plus, it has tons of HP and high defense as well which makes it ideal for combat. This Pal also has Mining level 4 so you can put it to work while in base.




This spot could have easily gone to Jetragon but since Ice-types are better against Dragon-types, Frostallion takes the number one entry.

Later in the game, you will face a lot of Dragon-type Pals so having a strong Ice-type is highly suggested. That’s where Frostallion comes in.

It has one of the highest base attack damage in the game and some of the strongest abilities as well.

On top of that, your passive skills also enhance your damage and can allow you to one-shot even some of the tougher Pals. Finally, Frostallion has a massive HP pool which means that you can keep it in battle for prolonged periods.


And there you have it; those are the 10 highest damage Pals you can get in Palworld right now. Make sure that you collect these Pals to make combat easier in the later stages of the game.

Which Pal is your favorite in the game? Did we miss any? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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