RUMOR: Hogwarts Legacy September 2022 Release Date Confirmed By ‘Making Of’ Book

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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Hogwarts Legacy is a game that has been an interesting subject for a very long time. Outside of a reveal trailer, the game has yet to show any proper gameplay to this point. However, it seems that Hogwarts Legacy September 2022 Release Date may have just been confirmed by a behind-the-scenes book.

Hogwarts Legacy September 2022 Release Date Confirmed?

Hogwarts Legacy is a game that has come up time and again, and while the 2022 release date has been confirmed time and again, a new source suggests that the game could be released in September 2022. According to TheRowlingLibrary, they have reason to believe that the making of book for the game could see a release on 6th September 2022.

What is even more curious is how the new leaker on the block, accngt also tweeted out the news, and that we can expect a trailer in February or March 2022.

The book also shows up on Google Books, but it’s not available for pre-order or purchase on any of the partnered sites.

Hogwarts Legacy is a curious title that has constantly escaped the press and hopefully, the game can spark some interest in fans who have been waiting for a decent entry in the world of Harry Potter games for a very long time.

So far the only media that officially exists for the game is the 2 minute long reveal trailer.

So far, Warner Bros. has confirmed that the game has a strong 2022 release date potential, so with that in mind, we can hope that the publisher and Avalanche Studios, the developer, can ramp up the media around the game to create more interest in the title. So far the game itself is a mystery.

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