Horizon Forbidden West Multiplayer Leaked Footage Surfaces

Have a Look at What Could Have Been

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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  • Early footage of Horizon Forbidden West Multiplayer Alpha has leaked
  • Concept art shows a Monster Hunter-esque like multiplayer
  • No comment if multiplayer is still coming

Some early Alpha footage has leaked for Horizon Forbidden West Multiplayer that was reportedly in works during its development, but nothing came of it in the final product. The footage shows a very rough and work-in-progress game, but of course this is Alpha footage so it was not meant for the public eye, similar to the GTA 6 leaks a few months ago. Have a look at the footage to see what could have been or could be?

Horizon Forbidden West Multiplayer – Akin to Monster Hunter?

Horizon Forbidden West was rumored to have a multiplayer mode, but somewhere along the development, it could have been scrapped, similar to The Last of Us Part 2. According to some new footage that showed up on the game’s subreddit, the footage shows what the game could have looked like.

In addition to it, a concept art was retrieved as well that shows what could have been the concept of the game, friends getting together to hunt the machine creatures that inhabit the vast and open world of Horizon Forbidden West.

Sony and Guerilla games have yet to acknowledge if Horizon had any multiplayer in the first place, but perhaps we might see a mention of it in the future, as the concept does look intriguing.

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