House of the Dead Remake for PS4 Spotted in PlayStation Database

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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The House of the Dead Remake is headed for the Nintendo Switch later this week, but a curious discovery was made on the PlayStation Database that alludes to the fact the game could be coming to PlayStation as well.

House of the Dead Remake for PS4 – Is it coming?

Reddit user the_andshrew, has made a second curious discovery on the PlayStation backend, and their first discovery was The Stanley Parable:Ultra Deluxe on PS4. Now they made another unique discovery, which is House of the Dead Remake for PS4.

We currently know that the game is a Nintendo Switch exclusive, but this new listing confirms it’s a timed exclusive. Perhaps the game will utilize the gyro sensor in the DualShock controller.

The House Of The Dead Remake
The House Of The Dead Remake

For now, we can keep our eyes set on a release date for the PS4 version, but that could be a while. We can easily enjoy the Nintendo Switch version of the game in the meanwhile, but let’s see what carries over from the Switch version to the PS4 version, and possibly a PS5 version to boot?

House of the Dead is a name that has been out of the console gaming world for quite some time and the game went to focus on being an arcade only title, but with the House of the Dead Remake, the once prominent rail shooter is making a comeback to its roots.

With the House of the Dead Remake, players can experience the fun of a classic on-rail shooter with the same memorable dialogue (you know what I mean). The last House of the Dead game that we saw released was House of the Dead: Overkill for the PS3, and with the near end of life for the PS4, a new entry for the series s a good way to send off the console.

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