How Does Riot Detect Elo Boosting, Explained

Find out how you can spot an elo booster.

Umer Cheema
Umer Cheema
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Account boosting – or elo boosting – is common in almost every online game that has a competitive mode. Players often hire (or ask) high-ranked players to help boost their account to get it to a higher rank.

Riot Games discourages this behavior as it ruins the game for low elo players since the game becomes too difficult for no reason.

League of Legends: How Does Riot Detect Elo Boosting?

Before we talk about how Riot can detect elo boosting, let’s talk about whether it is allowed or not. Riot highly discourages account boosting as it can take out the fun for other players.

Since one player will have a higher skill ceiling and knowledge, the other players will not be able to keep up which makes the game unfair for them. So, if someone is caught boosting, their account can get suspended or even banned in some cases.

So, how does Riot detect elo boosting? If an account suddenly starts winning a lot of games and climbs the ranked ladder too quickly, chances are they are elo boosting. If a few players report that account for smurfing, it can get suspended or banned.

If you climb the ranks slowly and naturally, you are safe since everyone goes through that process. Your game will improve the more you play and you will win more games as well. However, if you suddenly start playing another role and skip 2 ranks, that is a little suspicious.

How to Report Someone For Elo Boosting?

Report After the Game

If you recently played a game where you think someone was account boosting, you can report them. You can either report them in-game, post-game or from your match history. While it isn’t guaranteed that they’ll get banned, Riot will take notice of their account, continuous reports will get that account suspended.

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