How Gaming Culture Influences Modern Fashion Trends

Who knew military vests were back in fashion?

Saad Muzaffar
Saad Muzaffar
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The fashion world is perhaps the most fast-paced, transformative industry that currently exists in society. With it dictating what we wear, how we appear, and how humanity appears as a society alongside how different cultures integrate within it, it is no surprise that gaming has played a role in modern fashionwear.

From being more cautious about personal safety, to creating more utilitarian clothing options, here’s a look at how different games have influenced modern fashion trends.

Watch Dogs: Caring About Cybersecurity

Watch Dogs

When you think about getting hacked, you’d probably ponder over a weak password or not falling for a princely scam on Email. But, there are more dimensions to having your data infiltrated than just your online presence.

For instance, Aiden Pearce in Watch Dogs demonstrates how he’s able to easily hack into people’s cellphones and more worryingly, their wallets by using invasive signals that travel to wallets in close proximity.

While already an ever-present solution, we saw the usage of RFID wallet increasing in popularity ever since the game’s release, signifying how gamers from all over the world understood the (while exaggerated) risk of having a wallet that allows signals to pierce through, allowing your credit card information to be stolen in a matter of seconds.

Assassin’s Creed: Reviving Historical Fashion

Assassins Creed Clothing

Assassin’s Creed is not just a video game, it is a historical time machine that allows players to soar through the clouds, experiencing different eras and cultures. The clothing styles of the characters in the game, ranging from 12th-century Holy Land to Victorian London, have significantly influenced modern fashion.

Designers have drawn inspiration from the game’s outfits, particularly iconic hooded robes worn by the Assassins. Hoods, long cloaks, and clothing with historic undertones saw a noticeable uptick in streetwear fashion after the game’s release.

It’s a blend of past and present, classic and modern, that presents an alluring fashion statement, resulting in a resurgence of interest in historical clothing and period pieces.

Pokemon: Gotta Wear ‘Em All!

Pokemon Hoodie

The Pokemon franchise has been popular for decades, but its influence extends beyond just gaming. With the rise of geek chic, elements from Pokemon have made their way into everyday fashion.

Pikachu hoodies, Eevee backpacks or even more subtly designed clothing featuring various insigna of Pokemon teams (team Rocket, GO!) are commonplace. For those who want to make a bold statement, there are more loud, eye-catching pieces. But, for those who prefer something subtler, there are smaller items with more intricate designs that only true Pokemon fans will recognize.

Influencing Major Fashion Brands

Popular gaming influencers have also made waves in the clothing market. From collaborating with brands like Nike and Adidas, streamers like Ninja have released their own clothing lines that have put a unique spin on modern fashion.

Nite Joggers

For instance, in collaboration with Adidas, Ninja released a line of Nite Joggers which were sold out instantly. In essence, proving the fact that there is some merit to the amalgamation of gaming and fashion brands.

Perhaps the biggest gaming-influenced genre of clothing is techwear. Looking straight off Cyberpunk 2077, this line of clothing focuses on bringing the bleeding-edge of clothing technology into a neatly bundled up package.

Want to have a completely waterproof jacket? Have tons of pockets in one pair of pants? Want your hoodie to have a reflective pattern? Techwear is where you would go for any of these unique takes on fashion.

Brands have taken note of this, innovating with fabrics and clothing features such as breathable, waterproof materials, multi-pocket designs, and clothing that accommodates and integrates tech gadgets seamlessly. The styles in Cyberpunk 2077 have even spurred a demand for clothing with built-in lighting or reflective patterns for both aesthetics and safety.

PUBG: The Rise of Military Chic


The influence of video games extends to military fashion as well. PUBG features players in a variety of tactical gear and military uniforms. The popularity of this game has led to a surge in the “military chic” fashion trend.

This trend takes cues from military attire, such as cargo pants, bomber jackets, and combat boots, adapting them for everyday wear. It’s not just about replicating military clothing, but rather taking inspiration from their functional design and giving it a modern, wearable twist.

The connection between the gaming and fashion industries is a testament to the dynamic and continually evolving nature of both these realms. As technology continues to push the boundary of what’s possible in video games, we can expect to see an ever-growing array of influences, ideas, and trends originating from the virtual world and materializing in our closets.

So, all in all, we’re going to be seeing the world of gaming influence the fashion industry a lot more in recent years.

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