How Long is Final Fantasy VII Rebirth? – Full Chapter List

Roughly 45-60 hours. (Close to 100 for Completionists)

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The second part of the Final Fantasy VII trilogy is out, and Square Enix has filled it to the brim with side content and mini-games. If you still haven’t bought the game and are skeptical as to how long this adventure will be, then this is the perfect article for you. Let’s discuss how long it takes to beat Final Fantasy VII Rebirth for both a story-focused and completionist playthrough.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is around 40-50 hours long if you just focus on playing through the story and doing some sidequests. And you can expect a completionist run to take around 100 hours.

We’ll also provide a list of all the chapters in the game to give you a better idea of how progression works across the six different regions of the game.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Game Length

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth How Long to Beat

This game promises a lot of value for the 70$ it costs. As we’ve stated in our Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Review, all of the sidequests, mini-games, and extra content feel rewarding/meaningful.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is around 40-50 hours long if you just focus on playing through the story and finish a handful of sidequests along the way. And for a completionist run, you can expect it to take around 100 hours~.

Rebirth’s map is divided into six massive regions, each with its own set of main quests, odd jobs, intel-gathering opportunities, and a Chocobo to wrangle. It’ll take you a decent amount of time to progress through them and uncover everything.

Here’s a fun guide discussing how you can catch a Chocobo in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Chapter List

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Chapters

Now, let’s look at a list of all fourteen chapters in the game and which areas they will take you to.

  1. Fall of a Hero – Nibelheim (Flashback)
  2. A New Journey Begins – Grasslands
  3. Deeper into Darkness – Mythril Mines
  4. Dawn of a New Era – Junon
  5. Blood in the Water – The Ship en route to Costa Del Sol
  6. Fool’s Paradise – Costa Del Sol (North Corel)
  7. Those Left Behind – South Corel
  8. All That Glitters – The Golden Saucer (South Corel)
  9. The Planet Stirs – Gongaga Forest
  10. Watcher of the Vale – Cosmo Canyon
  11. The Long Shadow of Shinra – Nibelheim
  12. A Golden Key – The Golden Saucer (South Corel)
  13. Where Angels Fear to Tread – Temple of the Ancients
  14. End of the World

Once you’ve finished the game, you can replay each chapter using the Chapter Select option from the main menu and collect any items you might have missed. This is also a great way to fight any enemies/open-world encounters you couldn’t complete before.

Perhaps knowing how long it takes to beat Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will help you make a purchase decision and get the game. If you are still on the fence, we’d highly recommend getting the game simply based on how good the story is and how much value you get for your money.

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