How Long to Beat Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion

Is it worth the while? Yeah, I'd say so.

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  • It may take you roughly 14-16 hours to beat the main story.
  • It may also take you about 80 hours to achieve a 100% completion.

Psst! Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion just released, and it’s been a blast. Seriously, the game looks truly incredible. And it plays just like it looks. The game begins seven years prior to the events of Final Fantasy VII. You see the world of Crisis Core through Zack Fair’s eyes –the protagonist–.

He’s a wannabe feller in a quest to rank up the SOLDIER program to become a first-class fighter. And just like its original version, this one is full of content eager to be discovered by you. However, people couldn’t hold themselves from the fervor of knowing how long it takes to beat the game.

Apart from this being totally understandable, this is not the only reason you would want to know how long it takes to beat Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion. Sometimes you just want to know if the game is packed with rife and fun content.

How Much Does It Take To Beat Crisis Core Reunion?

Zack Fair "sniffing" a sword.

For a regular player, it may take you roughly 14-16 hours to beat the main story in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion. Nonetheless, for completionists, which are people who like to finish the game 100%, it would take them about 80 hours.

At first glance, you would realize the enormous gap between main story completion and 100% completion. I may have forgotten to mention the substantial amount of trophies that are pretty difficult to come by. Plus, the regular amount of side-missions in any JRPG game.

According to your approach, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion will take longer or shorter to finish. The last game I remember being that hard to achieve a 100% completion was Batman Arkham City. The riddler trophies were all around, provocative, and sometimes hard to even get. But you can’t deny the satisfaction of getting those.

New Game Plus Feature

Unfortunately, most people don’t have all the time in the world. Long games can make it harder for someone to be completely satisfied after completing every bit of it and visiting every corner of the world. New Game Plus “NG+” allows you to savor your progress in the past save. And luckily for us, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion contains a New Game Plus feature.

Meaning that equipment and gadgets and most upgrades you had will transfer to a new game save. I would do that most of the time; finish the main story first as quickly as I could. After that, I get to advance throughout the game again, experiencing the entire aspect of gameplay.

It cuts the thrill that goes in vain of waiting for the night to come back to your console only to do a mission where you ring a bell to guide a lost goat back to its owner. Not to name any game, but The Witcher 3, ladies and gentlemen. Anyways, playing with this pace can kill your sense of continuity and general pleasure.

So it’s always fantastic for a game to contain a New Game Plus feature.

Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion Key Art


Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is a wonderful remaster. One remaster that is effectively worth your while. There are always many doubts that you may have before getting a game, and some of them are quality, accessibility, and/or performance. We’ve written before about the team at Square Enix creating a great port for the Nintendo Switch.

As it turns out, the game performed well on all portable devices it’s been released on, from the Nintendo Switch to the Steam Deck. Aside from all the compliments we gave to the game, I don’t think we’ve still given the visuals the biggest pat on the back possible.

Hard-hitting nostalgia is thy key to winning a remaster or a remake, and Square Enix recognized that well. If you’re yet to give the game a shot, I’d advise you to do so, even if this would be your first playthrough. However, if you already have the game, would you mind telling us how is it going so far? We’re always keen to read from you.

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