How Loud is a PS5? Here’s What Our Results Say

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While the PS5 is a significant improvement over the PS4 in every department be it speed, form factor, or power…Many people are wondering how loud the PS5 is when playing games or reading discs. Let’s find out everything about the PlayStation 5’s cooling fans and how noisy they are in this informative guide.

I’ll talk about the average sound levels of a PlayStation 5 and the variations in fans made by different manufacturers.

PS5 Cooling Fan Variations

Different Fan Variants that are used in the PS5

If you and a bunch of your friends have PS5s, chances are that some of the consoles in your circle will be quieter than others. That’s because SONY is getting the main cooling fan from three different fan manufacturers. Those being:

  • NMB
  • Nidec (often found to be the loudest)
  • Delta (usually considered to be the best/quietest)

You can check which fan variant you have by popping open the side panel and looking at the fan. The manufacturer’s name is written on the inner side of the fan.

Sound Levels

We’ve done some testing in a quiet environment to see just how loud the PS5 is when it is on the Dashboard or when it is handling games. Here are the approximate results:

  • Idle/Dashboard: 23-29dB
  • Gaming: 34-48dB (depending on game)

(These values will vary based on your testing/area noise/console fan variant)

You’ll find the console to be at its loudest when it boots up and does the initial read of the Disc. Other than that, expect it to be loud when you are playing a particularly demanding game like Spiderman 2 or Horizon Forbidden West.

You should clean your PS5 properly if it sounds abnormally loud. Cleaning often fixes many heating problems and increases the longevity of the console.

This covers our short and informative article on the loudness of the PlayStation 5. Stick with WIG if you want to learn more interesting facts/tech tips about SONY’s latest console.

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