How Many Worlds Are in Remnant 2?

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Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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Like its predecessor, but on a much larger scale this time, Remnant 2 uses procedurally generated worlds and dungeons to bring new flavor to each playthrough of the game.

Not only are the enemies randomized for each player, but the game goes way beyond that by completely changing areas, NPC encounters, quest tasks, and loads more. Keep reading this informative guide to discover how many worlds Remnant 2 has and the mechanics behind their randomness.

The Worlds in Remnant 2

The Worlds of Remnant 2
The World Map; currently only showing Losomn since that’s the first world that unlocked for us.

Once you start the game after creating your character, it will take about 30mins or less to pick an Archetype and reach the Red Crystal in Remnant 2.

At this point, the game rolls a dice for you and decides which world to throw you in first, what enemies to generate for you within that world, which NPCs you will encounter, and the quest objectives you will face.

There are a total of 5 Worlds in Remnant 2:

  • Losomn (Random)
  • Yaesha (Random)
  • N’Erud (Random)
  • The Labyrinth (Fixed-Tied Behind Story Progression)
  • Root Earth (Fixed-Tied Behind Story Progression)

The worlds are not all randomly assigned, mind you. The game will choose which world to spawn you in first between Losomn, Yaesha & N’Erud. Once you are done exploring and questing in these worlds, you’ll visit The Labyrinth and Root Earth (at the very end).

How RNG Works in Remnant 2

Beatific Palace in Losomn
Beatific Palace, Losomn

It’s not just random worlds you’ll be spawning into in Remnant 2, but everything within the world down to its aesthetics will also be randomly picked from a pool of options.

The Losomn you get to experience will be different from the one we saw. Ours started in the Beatific Palace whereas you might start in the slums outside the palace.

All of the following things will be randomized during your playthrough :

  • The layout of each dungeon inside the world
  • Enemy types
  • Boss Encounters ( You and I might face entirely different mini-bosses inside each dungeon)
  • NPCs and what they drop/offer
  • Quest objectives
  • Where each dungeon leads to.

The developers state that this approach was taken to encourage players to replay the game. You will find new things and events even when it’s your third or fourth time speeding through the story.

We hope this guide clarifies how the different worlds work in Remnant 2. Keep checking WIG if you want to learn more about the game, and read up on our detailed Remnant 2 Review to decide whether you should buy the game or not.

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