Here Is How Much Multiversus Characters Cost Currently

The Multiversus Open Beta went live earlier today on a number of platforms, and the game is doing surprisingly well on Steam, with the number for other platforms unaccounted for, but it appears that the game appears to be headed for a good launch should they stay a steady course.

Multiversus Character Roster
The current roster for Multiversus characters

Currently, the game offers a weekly rotation of free-to-play characters, and this will be reflected in the list below, with the original cost of the character mentioned in brackets.

How to Unlock Characters in Multiversus

There are currently 3 ways to unlock characters in Multiversus.

  • Gold – This is earned by playing games and completing in-game challenges/events/quests.
  • Gleamium – A premium currency bought from the Store in the following denominations.

450 Gleamium – $4.50
1000 Gleamium – $9.99
2200 Gleamium – $19.99
6000 Gleamium – $49.99

The third method of unlocking characters is Character Tokens which are included in the premium versions of the game that offer extra content. Character Tokens instantly unlock a character for you – no need for Gold or Gleamium.

  • Founder’s Pack – Standard Edition – $39.99
    • 15 Character Tokens for instant character unlocks
    • 1 Exclusive Banner (Rare)
    • 300 Gleamium
  • Founder’s Pack – Deluxe Edition – $59.99
    • 20 Character Tokens for instant character unlocks
    • 1 Exclusive Banner (Rare)
    • 1 Premium Battle Pass
    • 1 Banner (Epic)
    • 1 Ring Out Effect (Epic)
    • 1,000 Gleamium
  • Founder’s Pack – Deluxe Edition – $99.99
    • 30 Character Tokens for instant character unlocks
    • 1 Exclusive Banner (Rare)
    • 3 Premium Battle Passes
    • 1 Banner (Epic)
    • 1 Ring Out Effect (Epic)
    • 1 Banner (Legendary)
    • 1 Ring Out Effect (Legendary)
    • 1 Unique Nameplate
    • 2,500 Gleamium

All of the above prices are in USD

As of the current Open Beta, these are the characters available to play, and how much they cost. Characters with a Free mentioned are in the current Free character rotation of the week, and their prices will be updated when made available.

If you are curious how much your favorite hero will cost, here is the current cast of characters, and this list will be updated when changes happen.

Lebron James – 2000 Gold / 700 Gleamium
Tom & Jerry – 3000 Gold / 700 Gleamium
Harley Quinn – 2000 Gold / 700 Gleamium
Bugs Bunny – 2000 Gold / 700 Gleamium
Arya Stark – 3000 Gold / 700 Gleamium
Velma – 2000 Gold / 700 Gleamium
Finn – Free
Reindog – Free
Jake – 2000 Gold / 700 Gleamium
Steven Universe – 3000 Gold / 700 Gleamium
Garnet – Free
Iron Giant – 3000 Gold / 700 Gleamium
Taz – 1500 Gold / 700 Gleamium
Superman – Free
Batman – 2000 Gold / 700 Gleamium
Wonder Woman – Free
Shaggy – 1500 Gold / 700 Gleamium

We will also add future fighters to this list, so make sure to check back here frequently.

With the current list, the game is off to a surprisingly well start, with over 150,000 concurrent players on Steam at the time of writing this. Let’s wait and see if the game is able to hold on to the audience and succeed where other similar titles were unable to.

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