How Much Would it Cost to Buy Every Skin in League of Legends

Find out how much all skins are worth.

Umer Cheema
Umer Cheema
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Cosmetics are a great way to show off in any online game, and LoL is no different. Since there are more than 160 champions, they have unique skins as well. That is why we will show you how much it would cost to buy every skin in League of Legends.

Keep in mind that new skins are released regularly so we will update this guide as well. With that said, let’s dive right in and get started.

League of Legends: How Much Would it Cost to Buy Every Skin?

At the time of writing, there are more than 2200 skins in League of Legends. Popular champions have a lot of skins (sometimes more than 10) while others only have two or three.

Depending on the rarity of the skin, the price can range from 290 RP, 390-520 RP, 750 RP, 975 RP, 1,350 RP, 1,820 RP, 2,775 RP, and 3,250 RP.

Currently, you’ll have to spend 1,728,246 RP or around $10,000. This number is regularly growing as new skins are launched so we will update it as time goes on.

While you can test your luck at a Hextech Chest, it isn’t guaranteed which skin you’ll get. Often, you might even get duplicate skins as well. Plus, there is a chance of getting champion shards or emote/ward skins which makes this method extremely unreliable.

Having skins can make a difference in your gameplay since some skins make the champion feel smoother. After playing Elementalist Lux for a long time, it felt weird going back to default Lux.

Fun fact, Ezreal has the highest number of skins at 16 while Miss Fortune, Alistar, and Lux have 14. Also, keep in mind that some skins aren’t available anymore as they were limited (like some icons) so you won’t be able to purchase them.

How Much Would it Cost to Buy Every Champion?

Since we are on the subject of all skins, let’s also discuss how much it would take to unlock all champions (since you need them to unlock every skin).

While you can unlock all the champions by spending the in-game currency (Blue Essence), that takes a long time. Plus, you cannot buy BE which makes things difficult.

However, you can purchase RP and buy every champion for around $800. Since champions also have varying prices, they require a different amount of RP. With new champions being added to the game, this number will only go up in the future.

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