How Old Is Neon in Valorant (Answered)

Judging by how energetic she is, Neon must be hella young.

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Valorant’s different Agents are very elaborate characters. They all feature identities, intricate details, personalities, and stories. Riot relays all this information to the community using easter eggs, teasers, trailers, and others. For today, let’s start small and focus on Neon’s age in Valorant.

Neon’s Lore

A photo of Neon from Valorant.

Real Name: Tala Nicole Dimaapi Valdez
Date Added to Valorant: January 11, 2022 (Episode 4, Act 1)
Role in Valorant: Duelist
Abilities: Fast Lane, Relay Bolt, High Gear, Overdrive

To help us learn more about the character, let’s first dive into Neon’s lore in Valorant. Neon is from the busy city of Taguig in Manila, Philippines. She always loved to be the center of attraction, matching well with her great confidence and outgoingness. Her father is a scientist whose main work revolves around helping Radiants control their powers. On the other hand, her mother was a cop, trying to rid the streets of corruption.

Neon was very involved with her parent’s work while also helping out the community as a K-SEC employee. Neon makes use of a Surge Protector, which her dad created, to help her channel her abilities and control them.

Through her work at K-SEC, Neon met Chamber, but they did have misunderstandings and arguments. Eventually, this led to Neon hating Chamber, although he was a huge reason why Neon was recruited into the VALORANT Protocol.

Initially, Neon was recruited by the K-SEC veteran Brimstone as a power source for the teleporter found on the Valorant map, Fracture. However, Neon became a full VALORANT Protocol member shortly after.

How Old is Neon in Valorant?

An image of the jersey from the official release trailer.

Unlike most Valorant Agents, whose ages are very vague, Neon has a more certain answer. Neon is around 18 to 20 years old in VALORANT, making her the youngest member of the VALORANT Protocol. However, most signs point towards Neon being precisely 19 years old, mostly due to her jersey number from the trailer and being released as the 19th Agent in the game.

Her young age is reflected by her usual act first, think later mindset and her evidently energetic persona. Aside from being the youngest Agent, she’s also the shortest, standing at only 160cm. Unfortunately, it’s probably too late to catch a growth spurt at Neon’s age in Valorant.

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