How to Beat EVERY Entity in Roblox DOORS

Ashton Cox
Ashton Cox
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Oh boy, the pesky Entities in Roblox DOORS are quite unnerving and difficult to predict, especially considering their random appearance and erratic behavior. To the uninitiated player, these monstrosities can make quick work of you. So let us counter that by teaching you how to beat every entity in Roblox Doors.


Eyes - Entity - Roblox Doors

The eyes glow with a blue-purplish hue, emitting a moan as they prepare to spawn in a particular area. Upon appearing, they inflict damage upon players who gaze upon them. Whenever a player looks at the eyes, they receive 10 damage per tick. There is a brief one-second window for the player to look away before sustaining harm, which could potentially result in their demise.

To evade the entity, players must avoid direct eye contact with the Eyes by either looking downward or in the opposite direction.

Opening the door to the next room causes the eyes to vanish.


Rush - Entity - Roblox Doors

Rush warns by flickering the lights before swiftly traversing multiple rooms and vanishing upon reaching an unopened door. It emits a deep static-like sound as an audio signal to indicate its arrival.

If no objects are obstructing the player’s line of sight to Rush, it can eliminate players when nearby using its raycasting ability. Hiding in closets or under beds while Rush navigates through rooms ensures the player’s survival. Once Rush completes its route, it automatically opens the door to the subsequent room.

A recommended strategy to evade Hide is to swiftly head to the nearest closet as soon as the lights flicker, subsequently awaiting the intensifying audio cues of Rush’s approach. Once certain of Rush’s proximity, the player can then proceed to hide within the closet.


Screech - Entity - Roblox Doors

Screech silently stalks its victims, observing them from a distance within a dark room. Some hints indicate Screech’s arrival, such as subtle sounds and a gentle vibration on the player’s screen. These cues are followed by a sudden “psst!” sound.

If the player fails to promptly notice Screech attached to their screen, it will bite them. This bite causes 40 damage, and Screech swiftly retreats afterward. However, if the player manages to locate Screech in time, it will still startle them with a jumpscare but then flee without biting.

The Crucifix has the power to banish Screech, but only if the player avoids looking at it. Screech is bound by blue chains in mid-air, flailing its tentacles and emitting shrieks. It is forcefully thrust into the hexagram beneath it, producing a disorienting and slimy-sounding impact.


Seek - Entity - Roblox Doors

During the first encounter with Seek, its eyes become visible in the rooms before Seek itself appears. The paintings also contain Seek’s Eyes, which serve as a sign of the impending chase sequence. The chase sequence commences at the 4th door, starting from the moment the eyes begin to appear.

Once the players have reached the end of the hallway, Seek materializes, teleporting all players in front of the next room’s door. The players must flee from Seek manually, with certain rooms presenting obstacles that require crouching to overcome.

To assist in this pursuit, the Guiding Light provides much help, highlighting the correct door for the players. In the final hallway, long, black, slimy hands burst through the windows, instantly grabbing any players they make contact with. Additionally, fallen, flaming chandeliers cause 45 damage to the player.

Players have the option to use the Crucifix on Seek, although it does not banish Seek entirely. Instead, it temporarily halts Seek’s progress. This can be observed when the Crucifix’s sigil turns red before breaking.

Overall, Seek employs a tactic aimed at causing panic and confusion in players through numerous obstacles, to inflict injuries or cause their demise. The Guiding Light serves as a countermeasure, guiding players in the right direction.


Ambush - Entity - Roblox Doors

Before speeding into the room, Ambush emits a high-pitched, distorted sound, causing the lights to shatter along its path. It can backtrack through previous rooms to surprise any unsuspecting players who are not in hiding.

A distinct ambient sound plays when Ambush is spawned after a door is opened. The player then has approximately 3 to 4 seconds before Ambush initiates an attack.

To evade Ambush, the player should find a hiding spot when Ambush is approaching and leave the spot when Ambush retreats. The player should return to the hiding spot as Ambush approaches again, repeating this process whenever they hear Ambush’s return.

Alternatively, the player can seek refuge in a basement, a room with a blocked stairwell, or any area where objects obstruct the line of sight between Ambush and the player.

Another option for the player is to utilize a Crucifix against Ambush, preventing it from launching an attack. The player should consider hiding while holding the crucifix. If caught by Ambush while doing so, the crucifix will automatically be used, shielding the player. However, if the player successfully avoids Ambush while holding the crucifix, they can keep it and potentially use it later.


Halt - Entity - Roblox Doors

To alert players of Halt’s presence, the lights flicker for an extended duration compared to Rush. When the next door is opened, all players are teleported to a long, dark, and narrow hallway, illuminated solely by Halt’s eyes. Within the room, a dim bluish-green glow pervades the surroundings.

Halt makes its initial appearance behind the player, gradually approaching them before teleporting in front and capturing their attention. It uses a flashing blue, pixelated “TURN AROUND” symbol, or displays Halt’s eyes and the phrase “RUN AWAY” when the player gets too close, covering the entire screen.

This sequence continues until the player reaches the end of the hallway. If Halt touches the player, they suffer 60 damage.

Players have the option to use the Crucifix on Halt, banishing it. Shortly afterward, they will be forced to exit the hallway.

Dealing with Halt swiftly is crucial, as the encounter becomes progressively more challenging over time.


Dupe - Entity - Roblox Doors

Dupe can create fake doors, known as Dupe doors, in rooms that have multiple doorways. Multiple Dupe doors can exist. Each Dupe door is labeled with an incorrect number. If the player tries to enter a Dupe door, they will be attacked by Dupe, resulting in a loss of 40 points of health.

To help players remember the correct number for the next door, Dupe’s doors emit a soft rumbling noise when the player is nearby. This distinct sound differentiates them from normal doors. Players can listen for this rumbling by approaching the door.

Another strategy involves getting close to a door to check if it opens or not. Fake doors require the player to be much closer than real doors for them to trigger.

Additionally, players can listen for ambient sounds like rain or fire coming from behind the door. If there is noise from another room playing behind the door, it’s more likely to be the correct door.

If the player is using the Guiding Light, it highlights fake doors in dark rooms. The lights on these doors will be dimmer compared to the light on the real door.


Hide - Entity - Roblox Doors

If a player stays in a hiding spot for an extended period, their screen will be engulfed in a pulsating red, bloody glow, accompanied by loud ringing. If the player continues to linger, the words “Get Out” will flash on the screen as a warning.

Should the player persist in their hiding spot, Hide will forcefully push them out, inflicting 40 damage and leaving them vulnerable to entities like Rush or Ambush. Once pushed out, the player will be unable to hide in any of the hiding spots for approximately 10 seconds.

The only way to counter this entity is to get out of the hiding spot before his attack initiates. You need to be extra aware of the signs of his presence. There are no other potent ways of defeating it.

He is just there to punish a player exploiting a hiding spot for longer periods.


Void - Entity - Roblox Doors

The appearance of the entity known as Void remains a mystery. It seems to be a formless black void, hence the name.

Void serves the purpose of returning a player to the correct location if they happen to be in a room while it unloads. This typically happens in multiplayer when players fall behind, but it can also occur in single-player.

When this happens, Void closes the exit door of the room the player is in, dims the room, gradually fading it to black, and then instantly teleports the player to the most recently loaded room in a bright flash. During this teleportation, the player sustains a random amount of damage.

Since Void can kill players, it is advisable to stick with the group, especially when low on health. Holding the crucifix can help the player avoid losing health to Void, although it will still teleport them back to their previous location. And better to not fall behind otherwise this dark entity will get you.


Snare - Entity - Roblox Doors

Snare is a small entity that exclusively appears in The Greenhouse. Its role is to serve as an obstacle that prevents players from hiding from hostile entities.

When a player steps on Snare, it activates and releases spikes that immobilize their foot for approximately 4-6 seconds. This causes 10 points of damage to the player, potentially reducing their health to 1 HP. While immobilized, the player cannot move or use items.

To navigate through the Greenhouse section effectively, it is highly recommended to have a flashlight, lighter, or candle. Reliable light sources are scarce, making it challenging to detect Snare. However, occasional lightning strikes can briefly illuminate the room, aiding in spotting Snare.

If a player gets caught in Snare’s trap and is unable to reach a hiding spot, using the Crucifix becomes a last-resort option to defend against an incoming Rush attack.

Always check the ground in front of you in these areas.


Figure - Entity - Roblox Doors

The Figure is the main antagonist of the Hotel in DOORS. There are two encounters with this entity, one in the Library and another in the Electrical Room.

Library Encounter

The Figure is completely blind and navigates the Library by feeling with its hands. If it hears any noise caused by a player, like running, walking, interacting with objects, or hiding, the Figure will quickly move toward the source of the sound.

The Figure always starts on the left side of the library and follows a path through the middle, heading upstairs. Players should start at the bottom right and find a way through while hiding in the corner of the blocked staircase on the left. When the Figure is between the bookshelves, players can crouch-run up the stairs and explore more books there.

Once players reach the balcony, it is recommended to hide in the corners near the Library exit, with the best spot being behind the closet without entering it. It is also advisable to stay crouched at all times while in the Library.

Electrical Room Encounter

When the gate is opened, the Figure will burst through a door upstairs and then rush down the stairs in pursuit of the player. After the player hides or loses sight of the Figure, it will start patrolling the hallways while the player searches for 10 fuses on the shelves. The Figure can sense the player’s heartbeat from a greater distance than before.

Once all the fuses are inserted into the circuit breaker box, a cutscene will play, causing the boss to be thrown out of the room. The player then needs to solve a Circuit Breaker Puzzle. When the puzzle is completed, the Figure will bang on the door behind the player three times until it breaks down, then it will chase the player at a much faster speed than the player’s running speed.

After completing the circuit breaker puzzle, the player should avoid crouching and instead sprint directly for the elevator. If they have any vitamins, they can consume them as they serve no purpose once the game ends.


There are a couple of other entities in the game not covered in this article since they are either friendly hence no need to beat them, or they are just jumpscares that will startle you only and nothing more.

The ones we have covered are the baddies you should be careful of. Learn their patterns and react to their openings. Each one has a distinct way of behaving and knowing that is half the battle. Good Luck!

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