How to Beat Fallen Archbishop Andreus in Lies of P (Boss Guide)

His Unholy Highness...

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Pinocchio will go head-to-head with Fallen Archbishop Andreus during his visit to the St. Frangelico Cathedral in Lies of P. This two-phased boss is quite the troublemaker for a lot of players and requires some finesse to beat. This guide will brief on the fastest way to beat the Fallen Archbishop Andreus boss in Lies of P.

We will be talking about his movesets during both phases and how aggressive he is. There is a cheese method for this fight as well & that is also included in this guide. So if the Archbishop has been giving you a hard time, this guide will be perfect for you.

Fallen Archbishop Andreus Boss Fight

Fallen Archbishop Andreus 3

You’ll face off against the Fallen Archbishop Andreus at the very end of the St. Frangelico Cathedral. This whole area is covered with acid, and you will build up the Decay status effect if you stay in contact with it for too long.

The best approach here would be to invest a few points in your Advance stat to increase your resistance to status effects. This boss will have two proper phases in which he will change his appearance, have a new HP bar, and a new moveset as well.

Don’t worry though, as we’ll mention all of that below, along with a cheese strat to quickly defeat the Fallen Archbishop Andreus if he is becoming too much of a problem for you.

This is a mandatory main boss in Lies of P, so you can summon your trusty Specter.

Phase 1

Fallen Archbishop Andreus Boss Fight

The first phase starts with the Archbishop being in his demon form. He will be dragging his body using only his arms. Even in this sluggish form, he has an extensive moveset.

Let’s discuss his moveset in detail:

  • Claw Swip Attacks: The boss uses his claws to throw horizontal swipe attacks at you. These attacks can be dodged or parried. We recommend parrying them to inflict posture damage.
  • Claw Strike Attacks: He can also use his claws to throw overhand strikes that slam into the ground. Once again, Pinocchio can either dodge or parry these attacks.
  • Tongue Whips: Fallen Archbishop Andreus uses his tongue to hit you with fast whippy attacks. This attack inflicts Decay as well.
  • Body Slam (Unblockable): The boss will use his entire body’s weight to slam into you. Getting cornered by this attack can spell instant death for you. He can chain this attack with claw strikes to completely finish you off.
  • Backhand Strike: Uses his claws to through a parryable backhand strike at you.
  • Leg Stomp: Raises his right leg to launch a stomp attack. This attack can also be paired with normal Claw Strikes to form combos.

All claw attacks have very generous windows for you to counter attack with 1-2 hit combos if you dodge to the side.

Use your Specter to bait him, and stay on his back to inflict the most damage. Parrying his claw combos will let you break his posture and go in for a Death Blow. Keep doing that until you fully deplete the Archbishop’s HP.

Phase 2

Fallen Archbishop Andreus 2

Once the second phase starts, the Archbishop will come out of the body and start using a Staff to attack you. His moveset will also change a bit, and the boss will become more aggressive.

Here is a look at all the new moves in the second phase of the fight:

  • Staff Stab: The Archbishop uses his staff to poke you if you are trying to hit him from the front side. This stab attack can be dodged or parried.
  • Staff Drag: The boss drags the spear to the ground and hits you with a delayed attack.
  • Staff AoE: The Archbishop stops and slams his staff into the ground to let out a blue wave that deals AoE damage. Stay away to prevent taking any damage.
  • Wing Slash: Archbishop Adreus uses his wings to throw a slash attack at you from either side. Can be easily parried or dodged.
  • Frenzy (Unblockable): The Archbishop goes into a frenzy with a scream and charges at you. He will dash at you a few times and then use consecutive claw strikes to deal massive damage. You can perfectly parry all of these moves.

Since the boss has two faces now, it might be a bit confusing for you to see where and when the attacks are coming from. We suggest staying on his back and letting t your Specter handle aggro.

How to Cheese Fallen Archbishop Andreus

Burn the Fallen Archbishop using the Flameberg Legion Arm.

If you can’t defeat the boss even after multiple tries and are frustrated…this portion of the guide will be for you. The Fallen Archbishop Adreus boss in Lies of P is weak against Fire damage.

We are going to use this to our advantage. You will need the following items:

  • Flameberg Legion Arm
  • Flame Grinder
  • Thermite Grenades
  • Some points in the Advance Skill

The boss is weak against fire damage. The idea here is to use your Specter to take the aggro off you so you can stay behind the boss and BURN HIM!

If you have leveled up the Advance skill, your Fire damage and resistance will be high. That will come in handy. The first phase will be over in a few seconds. Then you can use your Grinder to imbue the weapon in fire.

Same strat again… Stick to his back, keep burning him with whatever you can and he will go down pretty easily.


You will get a Twisted Angel’s Ergo for defeating the Fallen Archbishop Andreus boss in Lies of P. This is the first boss that causes major problems for most players.

That’s why we have included a cheese strategy for players looking to get through the boss with minimal effort.

If you’ve read our King’s Flame Fuoco boss guide, you will know how the bosses are getting more complex in terms of move variety and movement as you progress to newer regions of the game.

Just keep your parry game up, and you’ll be fine for the most part. Throwables are broken in this game right now, so utilize them to the fullest. Stick with WIG for more Lies of P coverage!

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