How to Beat HA-T-102 Juggernaut in Armored Core 6 (Boss Guide)

A True Test of Your Dodging Skills.

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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Raven will come across the HA-T-102 Juggernaut at the end of the Operation Wall Climber mission in Armored Core 6. For this fight, you’ll be accompanied by a capable Armored Core pilot: V.IV Rusty. Let us walk you through how you and Rusty will defeat the Juggernaut in AC6.

This boss has the most extensive moveset compared to all other bosses you have encountered up to this point. So, getting used to its attack patterns and aggressiveness requires a bit more patience.

Best AC Build for Defeating Juggernaut

AC Build
Armored Core Build for the Juggernaut Fight

The first order of business is to ensure that you are fully prepared for the fight by equipping the correct weapons on your AC. We highly suggest using the Vvc-760PR as it helps in dealing massive ACS damage to the Juggernaut.

You can keep using your Pulse Blade in the off-hand as it can also chip off a huge chunk of the Juggernaut’s HP when struck behind the armor.

For the Frame, anything is fine. We are still using the Frame we got at the start of the game since this boss is fairly early in the game and serves as more of a mechanic trainer for the upcoming boss fights.

Now that your rig is set, lets talk about the actual fight at hand.

HA-T-102 Juggernaut Boss Fight

Dodge When it is Charging at You
Juggernaut will charge at you as soon as the fight starts—Dodge Boost to any side.

As you climb the wall in Operation Wall Climber (heh), a cutscene plays out where V.IV Rusty joins the fight, and you face off against The Juggernaut. You’ll fight on top of a narrow wall, where you can get boxed in easily.

So, watch your surroundings while dodging and ensure you are utilizing your AC’s vertical capabilities to dodge harm’s way. Let us now discuss the Juggernaut’s moveset in detail to see what you are dealing with.


Try to stay on its back

The HA-T-102 Juggernaut in Armored Core 6 has six moves in his arsenal, and all of them deal tons of stagger and AP damage. Let’s take a look at all of them:

  • A Charging Ram: The very first attack it will use against you. In this attack, the Juggernaut charges at you at full speed and deals tons of AP damage. Dodge to either side or fly upwards to evade the attack.
  • Quick Turn: Usually used after attempting a Charging Ram, this attack lets the Juggernaut fix its orientation and shake off any ACs that are on top of it. Causes stagger and AP damage. Avoid it by staying out of its turning radius.
  • Low Impact Missiles: Launches a volley of low-damage missiles that deal chip damage and have some homing capabilities too. Evade it by using a well-timed Quick Boost.
  • Heavy Rifle Shots: It can use one or both Kinetic Rifles to deal massive damage. You can dodge it by flying upwards to escape its line of sight.
  • High-Impact Explosive Cannons: Deals the most AOE damage out of all attacks. Can come in both horizontal and vertical patterns. Keep an eye on the incoming rounds to track and avoid them by either dodging to the side or flying upwards.
  • Landmines: Juggernaut starts using this move in the second phase of the fight. It deploys a cluster of mines around itself after performing a raming charge or quick turn. These mines are proximity and time-based. Avoid the mines by flying above them.

Once you’ve gotten used to the Juggernaut’s moveset, we can start working on a strategy to beat it in AC6. You can’t take this boss head-on as it is covered by thick armor.

Strategy for Defeating The Juggernaut in AC6

Stay on its Flank - Armored Core 6 Juggernaut HA-T-102
Stay on its Flank

The HA-T-102 Juggernaut has thick armor plating on its entire front side. Which means all of your attacks will ricochet off of it. It will take a lot of effort to deplete that armor and dodge its relentless charging attacks.

Since you and Rusty are fighting together, the best thing to do is to let him distract the boss while you flank to its rear and hit the exposed thrusters on its back.

Shoot the Exposed Thrusters on the Back to Deal Massive AP & ACS Damage.

Hitting those thrusters deals the most AP and ACS damage. Keep doing that, and once you deplete about 40% of the Juggernaut’s HP, Rusty will be called for backup elsewhere, and you’ll have to finish this fight alone.

Juggernaut will completely focus on you from this point onwards and start deploying Mines as well. Your best bet is to fly as much as possible to avoid the charging attacks, the rifle, and the cannon fire.

Flying lets you get on its back rather easily and then you can damage the thrusters. Keep dodging and flying to mount its back, and you’ll take it down eventually. Get used to the game’s controls, and be patient.

And that’s how you beat the HA-T-102 Juggernaut boss in Armored Core 6. Keep visiting WIG for more informative AC6 coverage, and we’ll see you on the next one, 621!

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