How to Beat The Strider in Armored Core 6 (Boss Fight)

The Bigger they are...Yeah, Yeah, we know...

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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As 621’s heroics start being noticed by contractors and mercs around Rubicon 3, they start offering you better-paying and more dangerous jobs. This time, you are tasked with destroying The Strider mining ship in Armored Core 6.

At first, it might seem like a tall order (quite literally), but we are here to tell you the best way to swiftly beat the Strider in Armored Core 6 by exposing its weaknesses. So, just follow along if you want to take down this behemoth on your first try.

How to Get on the Strider in AC6

Approach from The Left
Approach the Strider from the Left Side

As the level starts, you’ll spawn in a rocky desert. A gigantic silhouette can be noticed kicking a dust storm in the distance. That…is the Strider. The boss here is the entire level. So how do you reach it?

First, you need to get close to the boss. If you try heading straight for it, the giant Eye on the Strider will shoot you down. It is incredibly accurate and fast. To dodge the Eye, you must approach the Strider from the left-most side of the desert.

Once you get close to the Strider, the next order of business is to slow it down. To do that, you need to shoot its right hind leg.

Shoot the Exposed Bit on the Right Hind Leg

Use the hill on the right side to get an angle and shoot the exposed bit of the leg. The Strider will then collapse for a while, and that’s when you board it.

Make sure you act quickly because the Strider will start moving soon & if it moves more than 2,500m away from that hill, you won’t be able to board it, and the mission will fail.

There are platforms on the same side that you are on. Use your boosters to jump from platform to platform and shoot down any turrets along the way.

Destroying the Sub-Generators

Use The Hill - Armored Core 6 Strider

Congrats, you are on top of a colossal mining rig (turned combat) unit now. You’ll have to destroy all 4 sub-generators around the Strider to defeat it.

Fly around the exterior of the Strider in AC6 and shoot down all the generators with rockets or whatever arsenal you have equipped on your AC. They are not difficult to destroy at all. There are 2 generators on the left, 1 at the bottom right, and 1 at the top.

Once you’ve dealt with the sub-generators, only one target remains: The Eye at the front of the Strider.

Destroy the Eye

Damage the Eye of the Strider

As you move around the Strider’s exterior in Armored Core 6, it will launch a few different attacks at you. These attacks are:

  • A Volley of Small Laser Bolts: These bolts cause chip damage and stagger.
  • A Concentrated Laser Beam: The same attack it was using to halt your approach. This laser beam is accurate and fast.
  • A Volley of Pincer Missiles: The Eye uses this attack mostly when you get close to it.

All of these attacks can be avoided by taking cover behind the metal protrusions around the exterior and avoiding direct contact with the Eye.

Keep hammering the center of the Eye with heavy fire to damage it, and eventually, the Eye will get destroyed. Once you do that, Handler will tell you that the Strider is about to blow up due to a chain reaction.

Your final objective is to get away from the exploding Strider in AC6. To do that, simply look toward the objective marker and fly away using our Assault Boost.

Keep boosting away until you reach a safe distance and turn around to see the majestic fall of Titan you just slew.

And that’s how you defeat the Strider boss in Armored Core 6. We also have a detailed guide on how to beat the HC Helicopter in AC6 if you are interested.

AC6 will be covered in depth at WIG, so keep checking the website frequently to see new boss guides, the best AC builds, and ways to acquire hidden weapons or collectibles you might be missing.

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