How To Block Twitch Ads: WORKING (2023)

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As an avid Shroud and XqC enjoyer on Twitch, I fully understand how annoying the ads can get during an interesting stream. But there’s always a workaround for everything. You just have to look hard enough. Today, I’ll be talking about a few of the easiest ways to block Ads on Twitch in 2023. These methods worked flawlessly at the time of writing this article.

We’ve discussed both official and unofficial methods that are easy to implement and don’t have any shady practices involved. So let’s get into it!


Twitch Turbo & Subscribing

Twitch Turbo - Block Ads on Twitch
Twitch Turbo Dashboard

First, let’s all be good folk and take the official route. Twitch provides a subscription called Twitch Turbo, which charges you $11.99/month, removes ads from all streams, gives you a badge, and gives you more storage for highlights and a few other tacky bonuses.

If you don’t want to spend $12, and only watch one or two specific streamers…you can just subscribe to them (subscription charges will vary based on your region) and remove all pre/mid-roll ads. You’ll still have to hear your streamer talk about any sponsorships that are in their script. Those cannot be avoided.


uBlock Origin AdBlocker

UblockOrigin - Block Ads on Twitch
uBlock Origin Dashboard

Next up, the method that I have been using for years and one that still works flawlessly is the uBlock Origin open-source adblocker. This is perhaps the most powerful adblocker out there that supports scripts, is extremely memory efficient and works with most mainstream browsers.

Simply install this adblocker and go to Twitch. Your experience should be ad-free while uBlock Origin takes care of all of the banner ads and whatnot.

If for some reason, it doesn’t work for you in the default state, there are dedicated GitHub or Reddit communities that are constantly working on scripts to combat Twitch’s ad updates. Go to those subreddits and look for the latest script. They’ll always provide detailed instructions on how to apply the script as well.

This is a reputable GitHub link that almost always has updated and working scripts for uBlock Origin. (It was working at the time of writing this article)


Using VPNs

Nord VPN Dashboard - Block Ads on Twitch
NordVpn Dashboard

If adblockers are not your thing for some reason, you can opt for the VPN-based solution. The idea is to switch your IP to any country where Twitch doesn’t run banner/post/mid-roll ads and just use the website through that IP.

Countries like Pakistan, Poland, Costa Rica, Germany, and Ukraine don’t have any Twitch ads. So, simply set the VPN of your choice to one of these regions and keep watching Twitch without ever facing any ads.

Of course, using a VPN has a few problems of its own. Some servers and IPs might give you very bad speeds, causing streams to lag. You are good to go if your VPN has enough alternative servers to work around that problem.

Nord, Express, SurfShark, Urban, Mudfish, Windscribe, etc. are all good options when deciding which VPN to go for. Pick the one that offers the best price & payment plans.


Using Third-Party Streaming Sites

Tenz Stream Ls
TenZ’s stream running through TwitchLs

You can block Twitch ads by rerouting the stream through third-party streaming sites such as:

These sites let you watch the streams completely ad-free with a few restrictions. I’ve used Twitchls quite a bit in the past and prefer it over because of its easy use.

For instance, you want to watch a stream on Twitchls… You’ll edit the link and change the .tv in the URL with, and the stream will move to their website. For, you need to go to their website and search for your desired streamer through the search bar.

Both of these sites prevent you from gaining or accessing your Twitch Points for any collectible progression. That’s the only major downside to these sites.

I previously used some proxies for removing ads on Twitch as well but keeping track of which proxies work and which don’t is a hassle. Plus, proxies are not as secure as VPNs, so I’ve stopped suggesting people use them.

These were some of the easiest ways to block ads on Twitch in 2023. Twitch keeps updating their website’s plugins and ad tech, so it’s a constant tug-of-war between these extensions and Twitch.

We’ll keep the guide updated with the latest methods to remove ads from Twitch so keep checking back in case a method listed here stops working in the future.

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