How to Catch Humans in Palworld

Gotta...Catch em All, Right?

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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We’ve already talked about getting a gun in Palworld. Discussing further shady activities you can do in the game brings us to capturing humans. Yes, you can indeed catch humans in Palworld. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of doing so in this detailed guide.

We’ll teach you how to capture humans in Palworld, should you hypothetically feel like doing so and also list out the few benefits of committing this crime to lessen your guilt. Let’s get into it!

Use High-Tier Spheres

Trying to Catch a Human
Trying to capture a human with a Legendary Sphere.

There are many different tiers of the Pal Sphere in Palworld. You will need better spheres for capturing more exotic or boss-level pals. The same is the case with capturing humans. It’s no easy task. They have a very low capture rate. Here is a list of all the different spheres in the game.

  • Pal Sphere (Blue)
  • Mega Sphere (Green)
  • Giga Sphere (Yellow)
  • Hyper Sphere (Red)
  • Ultra Sphere (Pink)
  • Legendary Sphere (Purple)

Once you have a decent sphere in your inventory (preferably an Ultra sphere or above), the next step is to find a human to capture. We recommend capturing the black-market merchant or some other merchant with a decent product inventory.

Go near the human you want to capture and damage him a bit. Since this is a crime, you’ll gain the Wanted status once you start hitting a human. Evade the law enforcers and whittle down the targeted human’s HP.

Once it is substantially low, you can try throwing a sphere at them and capture them.

Here’s a quick guide on how to remove the wanted status in Palworld.

Benefits of Capturing Humans in Palworld

Merchant Market
Wandering Merchant’s seller inventory.

Humans don’t offer any particularly useful skills. They only have Handiwork Level 1 and one physically damaging skill. So, why capture them? what are they bringing to the table for all the hassle of capturing them?

Their inventory! The only humans worth capturing are sellers like the Black Market Merchant or the Wandering Merchant. Once you have them, just assign them to your base, and you’ll have access to a selling/buying marketplace at all times.

Thats it for this guide. Stick with WIG for more informative Palworld content, where we talk about mechanics, AFK Ore farming tips, how-to’s, and other fun stuff.

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