How to Change Background on PS5 (Complete Guide)

You Cant.

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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We all know just how many different themes were available for us to swap between on the PS4. Let’s see how customization works in PS5 and whether Sony lets us change the PS5’s background themes like we could in the PS4.

You cannot change the PS5’s background wallpaper or themes like you could on the PS4. Instead, each game has its own dynamic or static wallpaper accompanied by relevant music from the game.

Let’s talk about theme customization options in this quick guide and explain what can and cannot be changed in the PS5.

Dynamic Backgrounds

Bloodborne’s Dynamic Background on the PS5

The PlayStation 5 has a slightly different approach to themes. While you cannot change the entire console’s theme, the console assigns a different (static/dynamic) background to each game that you have installed.

And it’s not just a background; it even has music complimenting the game’s theme and vibe. You can, however, customize your profile picture, and banner and add a custom quote to your profile as well.

To do that:

  • Press Triangle when on the dashboard to start navigating the options in the top right.
  • Select your PFP & then go inside the Profile menu.
  • Then select the Edit Profile option.
  • Now you can change your profile picture and banner to your liking.

We don’t have any concrete news on the matter, but it is entirely possible that Sony might introduce custom themes later on. Or maybe they won’t because the choice of having dynamic backgrounds for each game goes really well.

This quick guide should have clarified any confusion you might have had regarding changing the background wallpaper on your PS5. We also have other technical guides on our website, such as a detailed look at how to set up a VPN on the PS5. Go ahead and check it out if it intrigues you!

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