How to Change your Appearance in Biomutant

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Not many people know that you can customize your character once you are in the game. Find out in this guide how you can change your appearance in Biomutant.

Creating your character is one of the most fun parts of any game. It’s definitely exciting to mix and match the various combinations to find the perfect look.

Usually, once you confirm your look, you cannot change it in the game. All you can do is change your armor or outfits, but your look is permanent.

However, Biomutant approaches this a little differently. The game allows you to still make changes to your character, even if you are already late in the game. It takes the “mutation” aspect and uses it to allow players to customize their characters.

How to Change your Appearance in Biomutant

First of all, there are two ways to change your appearance. The first one is changing your body type. This is similar to the Mutata Character screen when creating your character. However, this time, your stats are now locked, and you can choose any body type you like.

The next way is by changing your fur pattern and color. You can combine up to two different colors to complete your character.

You can change your body type through the different pools of radioactive liquid found in the Biohazard Zones. This process requires you to enter the poll and change your body type by mutating your character. This also requires you to pay 1 Bio Point.

To customize your fur, you’ll have to go to a special character named Trim. From there, you can simply pay him with some money or “Green” to get some new fur.

How to Change your Body Type in Biomutant

To change your body type, you’ll have to go to one of the Biocontaminated/Bio Nucleus Areas found scattered around the map.

If you haven’t invested in your Biohazard Resistance, be sure to get the Biohazard Suit before venturing to these areas. You’ll definitely need to be able to stay longer inside without getting damaged.

One of the earliest locations where you can change your appearance can be found in Bio Nucleus 6D, just a little bit north of Murkadorpus Outpost. Here you’ll be able to find one of the toxic pools where you can change your body type.

How to change your body type in Biomutant
The pool of radioactive liquid used to mutate your character to change your body type

These pools are found in the underground area of the Bio Nucleus Zones. Depending on which Biocontaminated Area you go to, you might need to have your Klawbar upgraded to level 2, to access the underground area.

Once you are in the underground area, simply go to the end of it. You’ll have to solve a few puzzles and fight a few enemies along the way, but it’s worth it in the end.

Here, you can fully change your body type without altering your attributes and characteristics. This is why it’s best to maximize the stats you want during the character creation process and simply change your look in one of these areas.

How to Change your Fur in Biomutant

Meeting Trim in Biomutant

The other way to change your appearance is by changing your fur. This requires you to find Trim and do a series of quests for him. I was able to find Trim by talking to an NPC, talking about him. So when it comes to finding Trim, your mileage may vary.

Once you find Trim, his first quest will require you to buy some new Clipperfingers. You can get these Clipperfingers from Juju, who will give you an additional quest.

Giving Juju his request quest item, the bobbin from the kite

Juju will only sell you the Clipperfingers if you collect a bobbing from a kite for him. You’ll have to climb to the top of a mountain and get the bobbin. Once you retrieve the bobbin, just return to Juju, and he’ll sell you the Clipperfingers for 175 Green.

It’s a small price to pay to be able to change your fur pattern. Just bring the item back to Trim to complete the quest, and you can now change your fur pattern.

If you want to customize your fur color, you’ll have to finish another side quest for him. This time he’ll ask you to retrieve a can of dye. You can find the Sputdye Can in Suburbia, an area nearby.

Following the quest marker should lead you down an underground bunker. You should find an area with a few small enemies, a turret, and a Guerilla Miniboss. I suggest taking out the turret, followed by the small enemies, and finally focusing on the miniboss.

Just grab the Sputdye Can and bring it back to Trim. At this point, you can now change your fur pattern and fur colors in exchange for some Green.

After you’ve done all these things, you should be able to change your appearance in Biomutant. Do remember that your breed, stats, and class cannot be changed once confirmed.

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