How To Change Your Valorant Name?

Anwell Patdu
Anwell Patdu
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You can easily change your Valorant name once every 30 days. If you’re sick of your name or want a new one, here’s how to change your Valorant name.

Your Valorant name is the first thing that people see in-game. It’s the thing that separates you from other people and makes you recognizable.

Some names are recognizable as soon as you hear them. Names like TenZ, Wardell, Seoldam, Mixwell, and ScreaM are some of the most recognizable Valorant players in the world. Others such as Grim, Flexinja, and Flights made their names synonymous with Valorant agents Sage, Omen, and Raze.

Choosing your Valorant name is an important aspect because it projects your personality into the game. Luckily, Valorant names aren’t permanent and can be changed once every 30 days, so you’ll have a lot of chances to pick a great name.

Change your Valorant Name

Customize your Riot ID

In League of Legends, another game made by Riot Games, changing your IGN required you to pay a certain amount of money. Later on, they added the option to pay using in-game currency. Which can prevent users from changing their name because they didn’t want to pay.

Thankfully, Riot made name changes in Valorant available for free. You just had to know where to look. First, you have to go to the Riot Games website and log in to your Riot account. You log in using the username that you used to create your account.

Next, head on over to settings where you should find your Riot ID, personal information, connected accounts, and other account settings. Click on “Riot ID,” and you can change your Valorant name from there.

From here, you are free to choose any name you like. You can even copy your sweaty Fortnite name if you have one.

Riot ID Restrictions

For the most part, you can change everything about your Valorant name from the Riot ID itself and the tagline. The Riot ID must be at least 3 characters and must not exceed 16 characters. On the other hand, the tagline has a maximum of 5 characters only.

Be sure not to include any offensive or disruptive words because Riot can force you to change your name if they deem necessary. This includes hate speech, slurs, curse words, and other unsportsmanlike words.

You can change your Valorant name every 30 days, so you’re free to experiment and switch it up quite often. Other than that, there are no other restrictions. You can also add in your group or clan name if you want.

Those were all the things you needed to know to change your Valorant name. Remember, you can only change your Riot ID and not your Valorant username. So be sure to check out your Valorant win rate using your new Riot ID.

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