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If you want to know how to complete Forging Iron in Destiny 2, you’re in the right place. As the introductory Iron Banner quest for Season of the Haunted, its purpose is to run you through what’s new with Saladin. Mainly, the fact that he doesn’t offer bounties anymore.

Instead, the Iron Banner now runs on a daily challenge system. There are still four per week, and each one still awards a pinnacle, but you can’t knock them all out in one day anymore. They’re also labeled as Destiny 2 weeklies rather than dailies, which a lot of players find confusing.

Forging Iron is meant to try and clear up some confusion regarding the new system, so hopefully, this guide makes that transition process a little easier.

Before You Start the Iron Banner Quest – Forging Iron

Forging Iron Destiny 2 Iron Forerunner Cloak
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To start Forging Iron, you’ll need to speak with Saladin in the Tower. He’ll give you the quest.

Before you jump into Iron Banner, though, there are two things you need to do.

  • Equip either a Void or Solar subclass.

The second step in Forging Iron asks you to complete one of the daily challenges. The first challenge is to complete three games of Iron Banner with one of the two aforementioned subclasses equipped. Each step in the quest counts your activity in the other steps. In other words, if you have a Solar subclass and complete step one, then you’ll only need to do play two more matches with that subclass.

  • Equip as much Iron Banner armor as you can.

Two of the later steps in Forging Iron quest require you to earn rank points, and to complete games with Iron Banner armor equipped. For each piece of armor, you get a rank point multiplier. If you have four pieces of armor plus an Iron Banner emblem equipped, that multiplier is nearly 4x, which means you earn rank points four times faster, thus completing that step four times faster. Due to how the quest tracks your activity from previous steps, you’ll have enough games finished with Iron Banner armor equipped for step five before you even reach it – provided you’re wearing it from the beginning.

How to Complete Forging Iron in Destiny 2

Forging Iron Step 1 – Complete One Match of Iron Banner

The first step in the Forging Iron Destiny 2 quest is to complete one Iron Banner match. That’s it. You don’t even have to win – just finish the game.

Step 2 – Complete One of the Daily Challenges

Crucible daily challenges
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Step two requires you to complete one of the daily challenges. The first daily challenge of the week is to complete three games of Iron Banner with either a Void or Solar subclass. If you followed my preparation advice, then you’ll already have one of these matches finished, so you just need to play two more.

Step 3 – Earn Iron Banner Rank Points

Forging Iron Destiny 2 quest step 3
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Thankfully, each concurrent step in the Forging Iron quest counts your activity for the previous steps. In other words, the rank points you earned in steps one and two will count for step three.

You need 300 total rank points to move on to step four, so that’ll take you a solid hour or so of playing depending on the length of your games.

Again, if you’re following my advice and using multiple Iron Banner armor pieces, then you’ll get a 3x or 4x multiplier on all of your rank points, which literally slices the time it takes to complete this step into less than half. Also, if you play matches without leaving orbit, you’ll build up a streak that also increases your rank gain.

Step 4 – Collect an Iron Banner Engram from Saladin

Iron Engram
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If you played through Forging Iron in Destiny 2 with Iron Banner gear from step one, then this will likely be the last step of the quest for you.

Simply head back to the Tower and speak with Lord Saladin. Accept an engram from his vendor screen, and the quest will automatically complete.

If the quest doesn’t complete, it means you still need to do step five.

Step 5 – Complete Iron Banner Matches While Wearing Iron Banner Gear

Hunter Forerunner Vest
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In Forging Iron step five, you need to complete Iron Banner matches while wearing Iron Banner gear. The set you use doesn’t matter, both Forerunner and Iron Truage should count. If you have no Iron Banner armor, use the engram you just collected from Saladin to purchase a piece.

Ideally, if you have extra engrams, get as many pieces of a full set as you can. The more pieces you’re wearing, the faster this quest step will progress.

Step 6 – Return to Saladin

Once you’ve completed enough games for step five, you just need to return to Lord Saladin back in the Tower. Speak with him and you’ll complete Forging Iron.

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