How to Cross Rivers in Animal Crossing

A brief guide teaching you how to cross rivers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

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Are you currently stuck trying to cross a river, and don’t know how to get over it? Don’t worry, as the following article will explain how to cross rivers in Animal Crossing.

How to cross rivers in Animal Crossing

How to Cross Rivers in Animal Crossing?

Rivers can be crossed in three different ways in Animal Crossing: New Horizons; 1. using a vaulting pole, 2. jumping, or 3. by using a bridge.


Using a Vaulting Pole

How to cross rivers in Animal Crossing

Once you progress past a certain point in the game’s introductory tasks, you will be given a DIY recipe to create a vaulting pole from Blathers. Blathers will explain to you that he wants to find fossils, and so asks you to help him with this endeavor. The fossils are located on another bit of land separated by a river, so he gives you a vaulting pole to jump over the water.

Using a vaulting pole is really easy. You just need to have it equipped, approach the river, and then tap the A button. Your character should spring over the river and land on the other side!  


Jumping Across Rivers

How to jump in Animal Crossing!

You can also jump over rivers without a vaulting pole, provided the width of the area you are jumping over isn’t more than three-blocks wide. This mechanic works the same as if you were holding a vaulting pole. You just need to move towards the edge of the river, and you will jump over it.

This only works on rivers that are three blocks wide, however the natural ones that spawn on your island are much wider.  


Using a Bridge

How to cross rivers in Animal Crossing

Additionally, once you progress to an even further point in the game’s introductory tasks, Tom Nook will task you with building a bridge. Bridges can be crafted and used to cross rivers on your island by talking to Tom Nook.

Bridges come in many variations, such as stone bridges and wooden bridges. Each type of bridge also has a different cost – yes, that’s right. You will need to cough up even more Bells to build bridges!

Bridges finish construction the following day after their payment has been completed.

How to Cross a River On A Mystery Island?

When you are on a mystery island or any other type of island (including other player’s islands), you can use your Nook Phone’s Rescue Services App to be brought back to a safe location if you are stuck.

Depending on the size of the river, you may be able to jump over it. Or, if you have a vaulting pole handy, use that!

If nothing else works and you are stuck, don’t be afraid to give Rescue Services a call using your Nook Phone. If you are stuck trying to cross a river at a dream address, you can press the – (minus) button on your Switch and select the option to leave the dream.

I hope you have enjoyed this guide and have found it helpful learning how to cross rivers in Animal Crossing. If you have, I have a lot more guides that you may like. Feel free to check them out!

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