How to Defeat Venom in Remnant 2 (Boss Guide)

Surely, Venom is Just Another Easy Boss, Right? Right? - Nah.

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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Remnant 2 significantly amps up the overall enemy difficulty in The Root Earth, and that will become obvious right from the get-go. As you fight your way toward the final showdown, you’ll have to clear one last hurdle called the Venom. The Venom boss is a tricky and annoying main boss in Remnant 2 because of his sheer move variety.

This fight might take a little while for you to get used to since Venom will be significantly more aggressive and faster than any other bosses you’ve fought. He has attacks for close-range attacks, homing attacks, AoE attacks, and even long-range thrusts. Things will get spicy!

Let’s take a detailed look at Venom’s moves, their counters, and the best strategy you should adopt to defeat this aggressive boss in Remnant 2.

Where to Find Venom in Remnant 2

Corrupted Harbor

You’ll fight Venom at the very end of the Corrupted Harbor area of the Root Earth. Corrupted Harbor is one of the most challenging areas in the game, filled with elite enemies with large health pools and waves upon waves of root enemies.

You’ll encounter Venom via a cutscene where he points his massive sword toward you and taunts for battle. Players who are used to spam dodge rolls will have a hard time since some of Venom’s attacks are delayed, which catches people mid-roll.

Boss Fight

Venom Boss

Venom’s weak spot is located in its chest. Keep hitting the center of its chest with your upgraded weapon to deal the most damage. Venom will either be flying or on the ground and has separate moves for both stances.

Oh, and Venom also has Empathy. This means any time you use your Relic to heal, the boss will also heal. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?


Venom will take the initiative and come at you with this sword thrust combo as soon as the cutscene ends. This two-hit combo can be avoided with two perfectly timed side dodges.

Here are all the moves Venom will be using against you in this fight:

Flying Attacks

  • Sword Thrusts: Venom gets up close for this attack and hits you with two sword slashes in quick succession. A third variation will be added to this attack once his HP depletes below 50%.
    The third variation can be a slow/wide attack, a quick/close attack, or a shoulder bash. Keep an eye on his shoulders to judge his next move and dodge to either side. You cannot predict the third move until it is just about to happen. Observation is key!
  • Sword Throw into AOE: If you are trying to fight Venom from a distance, he can throw his giant sword toward you and quickly rushes to grab it where it landed. He then strikes the ground with a delay, causes massive AOE damage, and staggers you.
    Avoid it by identifying the throw and dodging away from it. It is similar to The Shrewd’s axe throw, but he instantly teleported to the axe, whereas Venom rushes to his weapon.
  • Homing Orb: Another flying attack where Venom charges root energy into his sword and shoots a slow homing orb at you. Keep moving until the orb crashes into the wall or the ground, but be careful, as the orb will explode upon impact and do a significant amount of AOE damage. Stay away from it!
  • Delayed Sticky Bombs: Venom will throw three sticky bombs at you, which will explode with a delay once they are stuck to any surface or living being (that would be you) and cause a lot of AOE damage.
  • Giant Sword AOE Smash: Venom uses his giant sword to smash the ground and create a conical AOE and three additional damaging orbs. You can easily read and deal with this attack using perfectly timed dodges. Don’t spam them; otherwise, you’ll end up getting caught in the next AOE wave.

Grounded Attacks

  • Root Staves: Once Venom has landed on the ground, it will conjure Root Staves. These Root Staves will hurl orbs at the player. It will summon one stave at the start of the fight and two if his HP is below 50%. To counter this, simply destroy the staves and stay on the move to avoid any orbs coming at you.
  • Delayed Meteor Strike: Perhaps Venom’s most wide AOE-based attack. While it is on the ground, it will gather root energy and rain down meteors in sets of three. These meteors will land exactly where you stand or stood a second ago.
    They deal a lot of damage, so keep an eye on your stamina bar and keep moving. You’ll have to navigate between the circles on the ground to stay safe.

(Read: See how many AOE attacks it has and how small the boss room is. Don’t run out of stamina or else… :pain:)

Rewards For Defeating Venom in Remnant 2

Venom Boss 2

You’ll be awarded the following loot drops once you beat Venom in R2:

  • Luminite Crystals x4
  • Tome of Knowledge (Trait Point)
  • Scrap
  • Dead Core x1 (Used to craft the Skewer weapon mod)

And that, folks, is how you defeat Venom in Remnant 2. This is by no means an easy fight and will take some getting used to, especially on higher difficulties. Keep trying, and be patient with your dodges; you will emerge victorious!

For more boss guides like this one, visit WIG and check out our Remnant 2 coverage.

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