How to Develop Materia in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Chadley Sure is Resourceful.

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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Having the right materia equipped on each of your characters in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is super important for your combat synergy and overall effectiveness. You can buy new materia from vendors in each region. Materia can also be developed. Let’s see how through this article.

You can develop new materia in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth by finding Chadley in Chapter 2, completing world exploration activities, and then using those points to develop new materia.

Talk to Chadley

Bill's Ranch Location

Remember Bill’s Ranch? That is where you went to unlock Chocobo riding in FF VII Rebirth. You’ll find Chadley around the same ranch. Talk to him, and let him explain how exploration and open world activities work in the game.

You’ll have to scan the tower located near the ranch to kick things off. Once that is done, you are free to explore the Grasslands and progress the Intel Gathering activity by visiting the different orange/yellow markers on the map.

Collect Data Points

Materia Development

The world intel locations you finish will net you Data Points. Chadley will use these data points to develop new material for you. Whenever you ask Chadley to produce a duplicate materia, his price increases slightly.

  • Protorelic Challenges
  • Lifesprings
  • Remnawave Towers
  • Excavation Sites

These are some of the activities that will reward you with Data Points. Keep checking back with Chadley to see if he has new materia in stock and whether you have enough points to develop it.

After you’ve sorted out your materia situation, you can focus on the other aspects of combat in FF VII Rebirth. There’s a lot to learn here, so we’ve come up with these useful combat tips.

Leveling Up Materia

Level Up Materia
Tifa’s Fire Materia.

The materia you’ve equipped on your characters can be leveled up and upgraded, but it is a prolonged process. You need to keep using that spell/ability for the materia to get stronger and eventually level itself up.

You will have a decent number of them upgraded when you enter the game’s final stages. Keep using different spells and abilities to level up the materia gradually. A leveled-up fire materia for example, allows you to deal significantly more fire damage every time you use the spell.

This is how you develop new materia for your party in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Pay around with your team compositions and see which materia suits which character. We suggest equipping Aerith with the Auto Cast and Healing materia to have her heal the party automatically.

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