How To Do the Money Glitch in Need for Speed: Unbound

Money glitches? Being good isn't always easy, I guess.

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Alright, let me raise you a scenario. Need for Speed Unbound released on the 2nd of December. Pretty recent, huh? You’re looking to start the game after you have bought it, and it’s looking up to be a fun time. You face a couple of problems. The biggest of them is that you need to grind money to buy better cars to have fun. So you find yourself here, looking for a way.

Well, say no more. I have just the way you’re looking for, it’s going to cost you some time, but it’s by far the easiest way to rack up stacks of money. What is it, you ask? It’s a money glitch. Actually, the glitch’s instructions don’t involve money. However, it results in you getting money. Allow me to explain.

What Is the NFS Unbound Money Glitch?

Need for Speed Unbound’s money glitch is a location that the cops can’t access or investigate, so when you’re in there, you immediately lose the cops. And as a result of losing the cops, you get money, about $2,500 to be exact (Heat Level 5).

While it doesn’t sound like much, you can earn double the amount with the right upgrades. And what I didn’t tell you is the higher the heat, the more money you earn. So go out there and break every law you can, in the game, of course.

How to Do the Money Glitch

It’s pretty simple. The map above is the map of Lakeshore City. Do you see the marked spot on the map? Once you go there, you’ll find a pavement that’s beside the river, under a bridge. That’s where you should hide, also as shown in the second picture in the slider.

Since we all know that waiting is boring, you’ll need to shut off your engine to reduce the waiting time for cops to give up on chasing you. I strongly advise you to remember to shut it off every time as it reduces the time by a whooping 10-15 seconds.

Under this pavement, no helicopter can spot you, and no cop car can catch you. This place is by all means inaccessible to the cop NPCs. It’s unknown whether this is the only place that contains this occurrence. But for now, this seems to be your go-to location for effortlessly losing heat.

Although I know $2,500 isn’t exactly much, especially for a money glitch for NFS Unbound. But we’re only getting started. Remember when I told you about doubling the earnings by getting the right upgrades? Well, here we are.

How to Double the Money

Need for Speed Unbound Screenshot from Steam

To double the money you get from escaping the cops, you need to buy the “Getaway Driver” auxiliary super part. This will make you earn $5,000 instead of $2,500 each time you lose the heat.

However, you need to upgrade your garage first to be able to purchase super parts. The garage upgrade will cost you around $50,000, but if you’d ask me, It’s definitely worth it. And you’ll do it at some point in the game, so you better be early than late.

The “Getaway Driver” super part will cost around $35,000, so that’s about a total of $85,000. Which is the same amount you’ll require as a starter to be able to buy that auxiliary part, assuming you don’t have the garage upgrade.


The Need for Speed Unbound money glitch is a great way to grind a fine deal of money, especially when you have the “Getaway Driver” part. If you have started losing money from getting busted or losing races, you’re always free to try out this glitch to scale your way out of the bottom.

Or you could be someone using his free time to grind money to buy a particular car or upgrade, which is reasonable. However, this marks the end of this guide. Are you going to use the money glitch? And if you had already used it, how much did you make? I’m always eager to hear from you down in the comments.

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