How to Fast Travel in Palworld?

Fast Travel 101.

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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Palworld’s map is quite big. And running from point to point will get both cumbersome and boring after a while. Thankfully, the game supports a rather handy fast travel mechanic. We’ve created this handy guide to bring you up to speed on how the fast travel mechanic works in Palworld.

To fast travel in Palworld, you need to touch fast travel statues to unlock and travel between them. Go to a tower and then open the fast travel menu. You can also fast-travel from the Palbox in your base.

Unlock Fast Travel Statues

Fast Travel Statue Palworld
Fast travel statue in Palworld

Once you’ve created a new character and spawned in the map, you’ll see a blue statue that has a bird on top of it. Those are your fast travel statutes. Every time you see one, it’ll be orange. Touch it once, and it’ll be blue, allowing you to use it for traveling between statues.

Here are the locations of the three earliest statues you can find and activate in Palworld:

  • Plateau of Beginnings: 240, -513
  • Grassy Behemoth Hills: 173, -474
  • Rayne Syndicate Tower Entrance: 118, -425

Unlocking all of these statues should allow you to travel quickly in the game’s starting areas and farm for all kinds of pals, mats, and resources.

Check out our beginner’s guide for Palworld and find out which Pals you should be catching during the game’s early hours and how base management works.

Fast Travel Menu
Unlocked fast travel points on the map.

You can also fast travel from within the Palbox in your base. So, make sure that you build a base somewhere in the middle of all these statues because if the base is too close to a statue, then using the Palbox for traveling becomes pointless.

That’s how you can fast-travel in Palworld. Tell us which pals you caught first and whether you are enjoying the game so far in the comments below. Keep checking WIG daily for more on Palworld.

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