5 Ways To Find a Game That You Forgot the Name Of

We Wish There Was a Shazam For This Too.

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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Have you ever played a game all those years ago and now suddenly feel the urge to play again? Or maybe you saw an interesting-looking game in a Reel or Youtube Short but don’t know its name. So what can you do in these situations? Let’s see how you can find a game you forgot the name of through this informative guide.

To find a game you forgot the name of, you’ll need to scour community forums, check on Reddit, search queries on Google and use any screenshots or material you have to search on Google Images.

Let’s talk about all of the methods mentioned above in detail for how to find a game that you forgot the name of.


Google Searches

Google Search
A basic Google Search describing Geralt

Let’s start the search by assuming that you don’t have any screenshots of the game and are searching solely based on what you remember.

Remember any distinct features about the game, the characters or scenes you saw, and then search them on Google in a query. Keep your query simple and less wordy.

For example: “Name of the game with a white-haired man with two swords.” – This search query should easily show you images of Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher series.

After searching, go to the Images tab. There is a high chance that you will spot the character or scene you saw among those images. Click on that image and follow the link to find the game’s name.


Reddit & Forums

Tip of My Joystick Reddit

You’ll need all the help you can get to find a game that you forgot the name of solely based on your memory. That is where forums like Reddit shine. There are dedicated subreddits where experts help you find the game name based on what you describe in your post.

You’ll be surprised how effective these subreddits are. We’ve narrowed down two of the best ones for you:

There are other forums like GamersFAQ too. Drop a clear and concise query in all of them, and we are sure you’ll get quickly start getting positive responses.


Google Image Search -5 Ways to Find a Game That You Forgot the Name Of
Upload any screenshots or artwork you have by clicking here.

Alright, what if things were a bit easier and you had a screenshot of a character or scene from the game in question? That does make the search a lot easier.

You can almost immediately find out the game name you forgot with Google’s ever-evolving Lens algorithm and image-searching technology.

Simply head over to Google Image Search & upload the image you have, and voila, it should give you similar results immediately.


Ask Your Friends

Find Games - 5 Ways to Find a Game That You Forgot the Name Of
Find Games

What IF – (pun intended) you ask your friends about the game name you are trying to remember? They might be able to point you toward the game or in a general direction of the series you are looking for. Their explanation might help you refine your query and use one of the steps above to find the name.

Many PS1/ PS2 era gamers remember the iconic entries of their time and are quite excited for people to try them out too. So, if it’s an old game you are looking for…maybe try asking your Discord friends.


Search on Youtube

Search on Youtube

If it’s a fairly new game (you should be able to judge that based on what you saw), there is a good chance major video game outlets and reviewers are covering it or have covered it recently. Check their Youtube channels for gameplay.

Queries can also land you on the right video. If you can’t remember any characters, try to focus on the type of game it was and then look for that genre. If it’s a famous game, it should pop up in a tier list or recent gameplay videos.

Final Thoughts

These are some tried and tested ways to find a game you forgot the name of. Search Engines and communities are big enough these days that searching for games has become relatively easy now.

We hope sharing these common searching methods with you proves beneficial and lets you successfully find and remember the game you’ve been craving to play. We at WIG always try to come up with informative and intriguing content, so keep visiting us and stay informed!

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