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Terraria always shows great appreciation for its ReLogic team, especially with the Terraria Developer Equipment sets. The game is no stranger to easter eggs and offers huge nods to various pop media and its developers. These range from purely cosmetic items to even having some decent hardmode weapons. 

Best Terraria Developer Equipment Sets

Best Melee Set (Sword)Arkhalis’ Set
Best Melee Set (Yoyo)Red’s Set / Lazure’s Set
Best Cosmetic UtilityYoraiz0r’s Set
Most Items in Set (6 Total Pieces)Cenx’s Set

There are 18 unique developer sets, 2 of which share the same helmet and wings but do not appear all at once. These items are all dropped from treasure bags obtained from all Hardmode bosses except Queen Slime. This means the sets are not available in Classic mode and will only appear in Expert and Master modes.

There is only 1 set that does not have any set of wings included, making there only 16 unique developer wings in the game. Each dev wing has the same performance as the Steampunker wings and can be an easier way to obtain good wings than buying the former from the Steampunker.

Some mods even go as far as adding their own developer sets for their mod developers to stick with Terraria’s theme.


Aaron’s Set

terraria aaron set
  • Contains one of each: Helmet, Breastplate, Leggings

Aaron’s Set is the only developer set that does not have wings. This set was introduced in the past as early as version 1.2 and was initially unobtainable through legal wings. If you manage to cheat the items in, wearing any of them will inflict the Blackout, Burning, Confused, Cursed, Slow, and Weak debuffs while reducing your movement speed exponentially.

The set was updated in version and was made obtainable through Treasure Bags. That made the initial tooltip “You shouldn’t have this” irrelevant and was then changed to the standard “‘Great for impersonating devs!‘”. Aaron was previously a Graphics Developer for Terraria.


Arkhalis’ Set

terraria arkhalis set
  • Contains one of each: Hood, Bodice, Tights, Lightwings, and the weapon Arkhalis

Arkhalis’ Set was a developer set made for their previous Quality Director, Arkhayla. This set includes very themed items from Arkhayla’s favorites. The developer set has the tooltip “I didn’t get this from the Grid” which may be a reference to the movie Tron which also features people wearing tights.

This is also true for the Arkhalis sword which reads “I didn’t get this from a Schmoo.” This is a nod to the Schmoo enemy from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night that drops the sword Crissaegrim (a.k.a. Valmanway) which functions in the same way with its fast slashes.


Cenx’s Set

terraria developer set cenx set
  • Contains one of each: Tiara, Breastplate, Leggings, Wings

This next Terraria developer equipment features the battle costume for the game’s Creative Director, Cenx. This drops at a 5% chance from Hardmode Treasure Bags and will not appear together with Cenx’s second set, although it has both the same headpiece and wings.

The set has a special effect that enables you to have a slight pink glow when near light sources. Similar to Aaron’s Set, this cosmetic was previously unobtainable and will provide you with substantial debuffs when cheated into the game. Cenx’s set also has the default tooltip as with most developer sets.


Cenx’s Dress Set

terraria cenx dress set
  • Contains one of each: Tiara, Dress, Dress Pants, Wings

Cenx’s Dress Set is the more formal version of the previous set for Terraria’s Creative Director, Game Designer, and ReLogic VP, Whitney “Cenx” Spinks. It was a popular joke in the community that Cenx, the wife of Redigit (President of ReLogic), deserved more than 1 developer set.

This is an alternative costume design that is more formal wear than battle armor. As previously mentioned, this set is mutually exclusive from the regular Cenx’s Set and will not appear together even if the Tiara and Wings are the same items. Although marked separately, the community considers all items to fall under the same Cenx set.


Crowno’s Set

terraria crowno set
  • Contains one of each: Mask, Breastplate, Leggings, Wings

Crowno’s Set is the dedicated Terraria developer equipment for Crowno, the Lead Artist and one of the pixel artists for Terraria. This set fairly resembles the Lunatic Cultist vanity armor with the addition of crow-like features. The theme of this set leans heavily on the bird dynamic with the dark and feathery design.

This set is also one of the few previously unobtainable sets that were made available in version 1.3. Similar to the previous unattainable items, wearing any of the armor will give you massive debuffs while hindering your movement speed.


D-Town’s Set

terraria d-town set
  • Contains one of each: Helmet, Breastplate, Leggings, Wings

D-Town’s Set is the exclusive set for David “D-Town” Phelps. Phelps was the Business Director at ReLogic up until 2019. This set has a similar motif to knight and paladin armor and can fit very well into those themes. This armor set was also unobtainable before version 1.3 with the same debuffs applied when used before its official implementation.

Wearing the entire set will give the same afterimage effect as the Adamantite armor set and will glow similar to that of the Spooky armor set. The helmet offers a unique look that covers your entire face rather than just being a visor.


Jim’s Set

terraria developer equipment jims set
  • Contains one of each: Helmet, Breastplate, Leggings, Wings

Jim’s Set is the developer set for Jim Tommy Myhre “Jimmarn” Kjexrud who has been the 2D and 3D art developer for ReLogic since 2013. This set has a similar glow to the Spooky Armor when the full set is worn and provides an afterimage similar to the Ninja Armor.

This armor is also one of the original unobtainable armor pre-1.3. Fun fact, defeating a Painter NPC named Jim will also drop a special hat called Jim’s Cap similar to the Green Cap from a Guide if named Andrew (Redigit) and the Ivy guitar dropped by the Steampunker if named Whitney (Cenx).


Lazure’s Set

terraria lazures set
  • Contains one of each: Circlet, Cloak, Platform (Hoverboard Wings), and the Valkyrie Yoyo

Lazure’s Set is the developer set dedicated to Lazure, one of Terraria’s past artists who worked with the game until late 2022. This set is unique in that it does not have any leggings component while also having a weapon included in the bundle.

This set allows you to use different cosmetic legs that are not part of the set as it is not included. The Valkyrie Yoyo it provides is also decent up until Plantera and offers infinite flight time so long as the attack button is held down. Lazure’s Barrier Platform also works similarly to the Hoverboard and has the same stats as the Jetpack.


Leinfors’ Set

terraria leinfors set
  • Contains one of each: Hair Protector, Excessive Style, Fancypants, Prehensile Cloak (Wings), and his Luxury Shampoo

Leinfors’ Set is the set that was dedicated to Jason “Leinfors” Parker who was part of Terraria’s QA team, beta testers, forum moderator, and was also once a production assistant for the ReLogic team. The set heavily features nods and themes to Alucard from the Castlevania series.

The set also features several nods to the former team member’s love for pasta and his glorious hair. The Luxury Shampoo will make your hair glow and the Hair Protector helmet’s tooltip says ‘To keep those luscious locks as gorgeous as ever’ as a direct nod to Leinfors’ hair. Sadly, Leinfors has already passed away last February 2023.


Loki’s Set

terraria loki set
  • Contains one of each: Helmet, Breastplate, Greaves, Wings

Loki’s Set is the terraria developer equipment created for Ted “Loki” Murphy, the Head of Business Strategy and Marketing at Re-Logic. Upon inspection, you can see that all of the armor pieces in this set will have quotes from Sun Tzu’s Art of War.

Loki has also mentioned in a Q&A on Terraria’s Discord server that his armor is inspired by the Daedric Armor set in the Elder Scrolls games. Finally, the set comes with 4 pieces of Loki’s Dye that add a glowing black shader effect to dyed armor and accessories.


Red’s Set

terraria developer equipment reds redigit set
  • Contains one of each: Helmet, Breastplate, Leggings, and Wings

Red’s Set is the personal vanity set for the President of ReLogic and Terraria’s creator, Andrew “Redigit” Spinks. Similar to the original unobtainable items, this armor set gives debuffs when worn before version The only exception is that Red’s Wings gives unlimited flight and hover ability.

Before the set was introduced, you can create a similar look with the Frost Armor and Leggings paired with the Gold Hemet and dye them with the Blue Flame and Black Dye. This was the original set that Redigit used for his game demos and marketing materials.


Skyph’s Set

terraria skiphs set
  • Contains one of each: Mask, Skin, Bear Butt, Paws (Wings)

Skyph’s Set is the Terraria developer equipment for Chris “Skiphs” Bednarz, one of the game’s programmers and their initial web developer. He also worked with porting the Mac and Linux versions of the game. The full set resembles that of a polar bear and the wings also look like long bear claws.

People in the Terraria community and forums sometimes vouch that the wings resemble Lugia’s wings, but the legendary Pokemon does not have claws. The set is also popularly used by YouTuber MappyGaming and is his literal look throughout all of his videos.


Will’s Set

terraria wills set
  • Contains one of each: Helmet, Breastplate, Leggings, and Wings

Will’s Set is the developer set for Will “Phlebas” Garner and is the only set named after his real name rather than his handle. This armor set strongly resembles a mythical beast, the Minotaur. This set is part of the original unobtainable sets that were made available in version

When equipped, the full set of armor makes the armor glow like the Spooky armor while leaving afterimages similar to the Ninja Armor. Older versions of this armor will debuff your character immensely, making normal gameplay impossible. This is the only vanity helm in the game that’s Bovine-themed.


Yoraiz0r’s Set

terraria yoraiz0rs set
  • Contains one of each: Goggles, Uniform, Skirt, Scowl (Accessory), and the Spell (Wings)

Yoraiz0r’s Set is the developer set of Yorai “Yoraiz0r” Omer who has been one of the Lead Developers in Terraria since version 1.3. He is also famous in the community for being one of the moderators of the old Terraria Online forums.

Yoraiz0r’s set seems like a joke set since it closely resembles a magical girl attire with its goggles, uniform, and skirt combination. They also left a note for the testers found inside the game’s code using the old “name” placeholders

The Easter Egg reads:

Goggles: “Testokun”

Uniform: “If you’re reading this, hi”

Skirt: “Yes, this is my dev armor, deal with it”

Spell: “Isn’t this glorious?”

Scowl: “Dark…”


Grox The Great’s Set

terraria developer equipment grox the great set
  • Contains one of each: Horned Cowl, Chestplate, Greaves, and Wings

Grox The Great’s Set is the equipment set for Charles “Grox” Hanrahan, one of the programmers for Terraria. He originally started as a beta tester and mod creator for the game. Hanrahan was the creator of one of the prominent mods called GRealm for tAPI.

He was then absorbed into the Terraria team as a full-time employee due to the mod’s popularity. His set was themed on the most powerful armor in GRealm called the Grovite Armor. The Grovite set bears very striking resemblances to his developer set. This set is one of the more recent sets, being introduced only in version


FoodBarbarian’s Set

terraria foodbarbarian set
  • Contains one of each: Horned Helm, Wild Wolf Spaulders, Savage Greaves, and the Tattered Dragon Wings

FoodBarbarian’s Set is the Terraria developer equipment for one of the production assistants of ReLogic, Houston “FoodBarbarian” Lawson. Lawson is also one of the credited as part of the  Quality Assurance team of Terraria, aside from being Redigit’s best friend. His set was recently added as part of version

His set is themed similar to his namesake, which represents the barbarian tropes in popular media and video games. He also has the longest names for his developer items with all items having 2 or more words than the usual Helmet, Breastplate, and Leggings.


Safeman’s Set

terraria safemans set
  • Contains one of each: Sunny Day (Head), Sun Dress, Pink Leggings, and the Blanket Cape (Wings)

Safeman’s Set is Amanda “Safeman” Powell’s developer set that was introduced in version She is ReLogic’s Community Manager and does admin work and communications as the Executive Assistant of Cenx. Her set plays around the themes of both comfort and style.

The Sunny Day pairs extremely well with the Forbidden Armor set. The Forbidden Sign from the set overlaps with the Sun effect and creates a Solar Sign with a sigil intact. The set was recently added along with Grox’s, FoodBarbarian’s, and Ghostar’s sets.


Ghostar’s Set

terraria ghostars set
  • Contains one of each: Soul Jar, Garb, Tights, and the Infinity Eight (Wings)

Ghostar’s Set is the developer set for Terraria’s former production assistant, Crystal “Ghostar” Ironheart. She was previously a beta tester and a moderator of the Terraria Community forums up until some point in early 2022. Ghostar’s set does not have some very fancy animations aside from the wings which show similarities to an avatar of the same name from the .hack series

All of Ghostar’s equipment also features unique tooltips for each piece. These range from fabric woven by dragons to her soul being trapped in the Soul Jar item. Some people in the community are even willing to spend real money just to get her Infinity Eight wings.

If you have any favorite developer set that always use, tell us in the comments below!

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