How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft 1.18

Andreas Ojala
Andreas Ojala
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While Minecraft 1.18 didn’t add any new items to the game, except the new music disk, it has drastically changed how we play Minecraft. Not only do we have mountains and caves that are better, but the way you mine has been changed as well.

So how to find diamonds in Minecraft 1.18? Continue reading to find out.

How has Diamond Mining Changed in 1.18?

Minecraft diamond level 1.18

Before 1.18, mining diamonds was simple. You basically wanted to get as low as possible, so you could get as many diamonds as possible. The lower you were, the more frequently diamonds and other ores generated.

However, with the arrival of Caves and Cliffs part 2, a lot has changed. The most significant difference is in the ore distribution. These include:

  • Even Deeper Underground – While you might still find some diamonds on the 0 y-axes, it’s way rarer now. Instead, if you want to get the most diamonds, you should go even deeper.
  • Less Air Exposure – When mining underground, some ores will be easily visible in caves, while others will be under stone or deepslate. For diamonds, they will be less visible on the cave surface.
  • Smaller Clusters – Before 1.18, you could find 4-8 diamond ore block clusters! However, with the latest update, these are much rarer. Most of the time, you’ll find 1-2 diamond ore clusters.

So in many ways, diamonds should be rarer and harder to find. So how should you mine them?

How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft 1.18 – The Best Strategy

how to find diamonds in minecraft 1.18 - Strip mining

So what is the best way to find diamonds? Well, according to the changes, it’s the good old strip mining!

But how and where should you strip mine? Well, according to Mojang and research made by Xiumavoid, the best y-axis to mine is at -59. 

That’s because you find your diamonds quicker and easier at this level. If you go lower to the ground, the diamond ore blocks will be replaced by bedrock, and if you go too high, the world generation will generate them less.

But how should you strip mine? There are many ways to do it, but the best way is to strip mine with 2 by 1 mining strips. That is because you’ll reveal the most blocks per one block broken. Once you’ve mined your first branch, leave a gap of three blocks between and start again. That helps you to be more effective and find diamonds more easily. Check the picture above for an explanation.

Additional Tips For Mining Diamonds

By now, you know the best way how to find diamonds in Minecraft 1.18. However, I’ve laid out a few additional tips to make it even easier for you.

Tip #1 – Build a Mining Base

how to find diamonds in minecraft 1.18 - Mining Base

One of the best ways to mine is to create a permanent mining base. That will make your mining more effortless and effective. So what should you have in your Minecraft base? In my opinion, you should at least have these things:

  • A Junk Chest – When strip mining, you get a lot of deepslate, tuff, and other stone blocks. So instead of clogging it up on your inventory, it’s best to have a junk chest where you can store all your junk items.
  • A Crafting Table – This is super useful if you’re looking to mine for a long time. Instead of going to the surface all the time to craft new pickaxes, you could do it in the mine.
  • Value Chest – You should also place a chest where you store all your valuables! That could also be used as storage for extra sticks and iron, to make new pickaxes or torches when you need them.

P.S If you’re in the mid to endgame, then I suggest you make the value chest an ender chest. This way, you won’t have to take the loot with you. Instead, you could access it on the surface.

Tip #2 – Brew some night vision potions

how to find diamonds in minecraft 1.18 - Night Vision

While strip mining is the most effective way how to find diamonds in Minecraft, I highly recommend exploring the big caves if you find them. With it, you can quite easily find multiple diamonds.

Just make sure to brew some night vision potions, so you can see them more clearly!

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And that is how to find diamonds in Minecraft 1.18. I hope you found this article helpful, and you’ll now have an easier time looking for those shiny gems. Do you have any other advice on finding diamonds? If so, then be sure to comment down below. That way, all of us can start mining diamonds more effectively!

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